There is No Such Thing as Traditional Activism

Tweet ChatOn Thursday, February 28, at 2 PM ET Fem.2.0 will host a Tweet Chat with special guests, Cindy Cooper, creator of  “Words of Choice“,  and   feminist writer, Soraya Chemaly ,  to discuss  how important it is for women to keep fighting for their reproductive rights and the role the theater plays as a vehicle to transmit the pro-choice message. You can join the conversation at #WoClive.

There is No Such Thing as Traditional Activism: Pro-choice Production “Words of Choice” Offers New Venue for Social Justice in an Engaging Theater Experience

The pro-choice movement is vocal in many areas. You see us spreading awareness on blogs and twitter, we’re on the streets and you probably see us tabling at events; but on the stage? That might be a new one for a lot of us. “Words of Choice”, a dynamic pro-choice theater piece is bringing its show to New York City this March in honor of Women’s History Month and the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. “Words of Choice” weaves together dozens of stories of reproductive rights through poetry, spoken word, oral history, theater and journalism.  It is performed by three actors, and showcases a variety of serious, comedic and contemplative pieces.


“Words of Choice” is not new; since 2000 the show has maintained its home base here in NYC, as well as toured across the country. What’s particularly exciting about its next performance is its inclusion in the first ever WiredArts Fest. In addition to the two performances in NYC, the show is available via live-streaming to audiences across the nation and the globe, where it will be showcased to hundreds of activists with the shared goal of reproductive and social justice.

We all know that women’s rights and reproductive freedoms are still under attack. As activists and ambassadors of change, we need to remain united in shifting that tide. Those involved in the “Words of Choice” production are committed to moving public sentiment and influencing policy makers. The production was created as a way to use the theater as a vehicle to transmit the pro-choice message. Using the stage as a venue for activism offers the opportunity to open hearts and minds, all while empowering the movement for women’s full equality and rights.

It’s not too late to get involved – “Words of Choice” will be performed on March 1 at 7 pm EST and March 2 at 3 pm EST at The Secret Theater in Long Island City. As part of the WiredArts Fest, the live streaming audience will be able to participate simultaneously with tweeting, instant messaging, photo shots and Facebook. If you can’t make it to the show, check out the streaming and get your voice heard using the hashtag #WoCLive.

Panel discussions will take place after both shows: Friday night will feature Amanda Marcotte, blogger at Pandagon, writer at RHReality Check, and author; joining us on Saturday is Lynn Roberts, founding board member of SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and an assistant professor at Hunter College.

More information on tickets or setting up a viewing party can be found at Special discounts for activists are available by emailing:


As someone who saw the show for the first time last year, I really enjoyed the opportunity to do something fun with my favorite pro-choice buddy; I highly recommend seeing the show, either in person or via the live-stream!


Ashley Paskalis is an activist, both professionally and voluntarily. She believes in and works towards social justice and women’s rights. As a healthcare communications professional, she often finds herself at the forefront of controversial modern day issues such as reproductive rights and medical research. Ashley is a feminist, member of Planned Parenthood NYC’s activist council, and an advocate for raising awareness and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Her mission is to take a stand against injustice and make a difference in her community.


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