Vaginas for Human Dignity

As I sat down to write this piece my thoughts turned to the never ending stream of stories about women and girls being used and abused; treated as less than human.  As an activist I do what I can to promote organizations working to prevent suffering and to help survivors. That’s why last year, I became a member of V Day DC, a chapter of VDay, the global movement end violence against women and girls.


You’d be hard pressed to find a group more passionate or committed to helping women thrive. In honor of the women and girls in the DC metro community we gather each spring to raise funds and put on a production of Eve Ensler’s award-winning play The Vagina Monologues. We believe that we cannot rest, we cannot back down, until every woman and girl can live healthy, productive, violence-free lives.


V Day DC is now in our 6th year, and we expect to exceed last year’s fundraising goal of 12k. This year’s proceeds benefit HIPS, a community organization dedicated to providing sex education and advocating for female, male and transgender sex workers in the DC area. As HIPS’ Interim Director of Development Emily Hammell puts it:

“HIPS work focuses on people living at the margins of society. We foster good health through education programs and testing, we promote and encourage safer and healthier behaviors through the harm reduction model, and we encourage self-sufficiency through compassionate support.”

And since HIV is such an epidemic in Washington, DC, HIPS is truly making a difference in curbing the spread of it through encouraging safer sex practices.  I think such a wonderful organization deserves our donations, don’t you?

If you’re in the DC area, I extend an invitation to you to please come see me and my fellow cast members in The Vagina Monologues April 6-7.  Get your tickets immediately, as they are selling fast!  If you can’t make it to the show, I hope you’ll make a donation to our beneficiary HIPS.  Together we can help support the DC community while raising awareness about global violence against women, but we need your support!

Cover Photo: Credit V day 2013

Second Photo: Vagina Monologue’s cast from last year

Helping women thrive is Nikki’s mission. She received her M.P.A. and a Certificate in Women, Policy and Political Leadership form American University (DC). She has advocated and raised funds for groups focused on reproductive rights, ending violence and empowering women at the local, state and national level. Her goals are to support and strengthen women’s leadership and continuing advocating for their rights. Follow

To get more information about this weekend’s event check out ,  V-Day DC Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter @vdaydc.

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