Interview with Nora Shourd, Mother of Imprisoned Hiker in Iran

Listen to my interview with Nora Shourd, mother of Sarah Shourd, one of three imprisoned hikers in Evin prison, Iran.

For the past ten and a half months she’s been in solitary confinement in Evin prison, Iran. Before that she was traveling in Syria, Yemen and Ethiopia, writing about women in these cultures, struggling to understand them as she says in her blog title "Through Unfettered Eyes:  Dispatches from Addis Ababa to Damascus." Before that, as a 20 year old, she traveled to Chiapas to learn about women in a revolutionary state, as well as to confront issues of femicide in Mexico.  She was a student at Berkeley becoming sensitized to global issues. Her now husband-to-be, Shane Bauer (they got engaged while in prison), and friend Josh Fattal, are writers, activists and global citizens with a sense of responsibility to the world beyond the United States.

A few days ago I received a mailing from The Women’s Media Center asking that people blog about Sarah, Shane and Josh. It said that the mothers had reached out to women’s organizations asking for this. It said that Nora, Sarah’s mother, was available for interview. Interviewing is my bag — I like to understand people, their stories, the decisions they made along the way, what it was like for them, how it changed them, what they will do with the new person they’ve discovered in themselves. It turned out that Nora was looking for that kind of interview, a place to tell the story of her daughter Sarah so that people will care about her imprisonment and work toward her freedom. I spent a day getting my head around the story and then we did the interview on Saturday. I had the interview up on Sunday and as of [yesterday], Tuesday June 15, 435 people have listened to the interview.

You can help get Sarah, Shane and Josh out of prison and back to work as global citizens by listening to this interview and passing it on to your networks. There are other ways to help — see I’m invested in Sarah’s freedom not only as a human being but also as a feminist; I’m eager to see what Sarah Shourd does when she’s back in the free world, unfettering her eyes. I think she’s a global feminist to watch.


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