“I Was Forced to Take A Cab After Being Street Harassed & Followed in Chinatown.”

Location:  5th and Mass Avenue NW, DC
Time: Night (7:30pm-12am)

I was walking from my house to the Gallery Place Metro Station. I had to stop at the corner of 5th and Mass until the light changed. A teenager (probably between the ages of 16-18) asked me if I had a dollar. I usually dont give out money on the street, well not not to younger people who dont appear to be homeless. But I happened to have 4 quarters in my jacket pocket so I did. I was on my cell phone at the time (talking to my brother) and the guy starts telling me that I have a sexy voice and he noticed that I started to get nervous so he started to get closer to me and asked me “what is wrong with me and if I’m ok” hes completely violating my space and starts to follow me.

Read more stats via Stop Street Harassment; www.stopstreetharassment.org

Read more stats via Stop Street Harassment; www.stopstreetharassment.org

I asked him to leave me alone and that I wasn’t interested. He still follows me on his bike asking me whats wrong with me. I stayed on the phone with my brother, to feel safer and I said to my brother I should get a cab instead of going any further to the train station. The guy rode his bike on another street by then…but as soon as I hailed the cab the guy on the bike rode up to the cab and basically chased me in there and I had to get in the door before he could try to open it, he was still saying things to me.

This was around 8:20 pm, it wasn’t completely dark yet and there were plenty of people outside. The cab driver noticed that the guy chased me to the cab (while still on his bike). This should not be happening.

Emphases by CASS.
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This piece was originally posted on the Collective Action for Safe Spaces and it’s cross-posted here with permission.

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