State GOP Lawmakers Wasting Taxpayer Money Passing Unconstitutional Abortion Bans

Another week, another group of Republican lawmakers prioritizing controlling women over working on the real issues of our day all while burning through our hard earned cash to do it. The next time some state official tells you there’s no money for more police officers in Ohio or teachers in North Dakota ask them how their state can afford to move forward with fighting pending lawsuits about dangerous, ridiculous and ultimately unconstitutional bans on abortion.

Remember, no social workers are needed in Texas to serve citizens with mental disabilities.  That line in the budget will be cut so that Rick Perry and his happy band of panty sniffers can show their radical religious base how far they are willing to go to make women second-class citizens. Also, anyone calculate how much taxpayers spent when Perry called multiple emergency sessions to regulate out of existence health clinics?  And now, there is a ‘fetal heartbeat’ bill pending in Austin that would ban abortion after six (6) weeks.  Right, cause that’ll be a law that’s gonna stay on the books.

So, when will the next factory in Texas blow up (like the one in West, TX) due to elected officials neglecting their regulatory and oversight duties on businesses to make sure they are safe?


Ah priorities. In these austere times, when everyone is being told to tighten their collective belts, isn’t it great to see your state legislators passing laws and burning through our cash in court to defend shit legislation that has no chance in hell of actually staying on the books for the long term?

It’s great to hear that Kansas, North Carolina and Arkansas took care to make sure that their public education systems are at the top of the heap. Glad to know that every pupil will have the best textbooks in a classroom that is fully equipped with the latest technology. They even issued an iPad to every student.

Hahaha. Just kidding. Providing 21st century  tools to American schoolchildren so that our kids can compete for jobs in the international marketplace is just a pipe dream when the state has super important work to do to make sure that every pregnancy is a forced pregnancy.

Funny, anyone remember these people running on platforms of banning abortion in Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Alabama last year? Yeah, it was all ‘jobs and economy’ during election season. And now it’s ‘let’s shove an ultrasound wand up some lady’s vagina.’ Are ultrasound technicians in some really powerful union that I just don’t know about?

I know the real reason that reproductive rights are being systemically attacked is because the GOP continues to feed its base red meat, and that means throwing women and girls to the lions. Hell, Republicans aren’t even listening to their own on this issue. In March, Republican strategist Dick Morris told the Conservative Political Action Conference to give up on overturning Roe v. Wade. Many of these bills in the states are “trigger laws” that would take effect IF Roe v. Wade were overturned. If Republicans refuse to listen to old white conservative men on this issue…..

Too bad we got that pesky judicial review system going on here and these laws are being challenged in state and federal court. Just yesterday U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland ruled that North Dakota’s draconian abortion ban is “a blatant violation of the constitutional guarantees afforded to all women.”

It might be too much to hope that any reporter might question these unprecedented and morally outrageous attacks on the autonomy of women, but surely there must be at least one that likes to pretend he’s a fiscal, small government conservative that will be brave enough to make the case that during our fragile economic recovery, it might make more sense to put our limited resources into programs that will, you know, actually reinforce our weak economy?

Spending taxpayer time and money on abortion restrictions and bans is completely frivolous. Way to go Republicans, you’re the government waste you’ve been railing on about for years. Congratulations.

Photo Credit: Jack via Creative Commons

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  • Rob

    Unsaid here but a big reason they are passing such extreme anti-choice legislation is in fact to get before the Supreme Court, in the hope it will provide the right-wingers + Kennedy a chance to reverse Roe v. Wade.

  • DownWithHypocrisy

    The American Taliban is going to try and kick us out of the workforce then take away or right to vote. It’s time to tax and tear down those institutions of hate they call “churches”. They refuse to acknowledge women are paid less for doing the same job. Let’s rise up and throw those worthless old bigots out of office. I don’t throw away the money I had to work harder for on a bunch of tax dodging pedophiles.