Slut Riot: Now say my name! (Video)

Admit it, Sluts Week has been way more fun than Shark Week. No? Well, maybe today’s post will have you humming a different tune. Today we debut the much-anticipated BigSLUT RIOT Music Video, a (loving) parody of The Ting Ting’s song “That’s Not My Name.”

I give you “Say My Name!”

Before I go too much further, I really really must thank the whole team of volunteers who made this video a reality and it starts with Producer of Awesomeness PJ Perez, director, editor, and the man responsible for making me not sound like a dying horse while singing. If you haven’t heard of PJ — Wait, why haven’t you heard of PJ? He has a Wikipedia page even! — then get thee over to Pop Goes the Icon, or his webcomic The Utopian, or Bleeding Neon: STAT. I’ll wait.

Okay, now that we have that taken care of, let me give some serious love to a whole host of volunteers and people who pulled strings and said “yes” when I called them asking for huge favors on a $0 budget and a ridiculously short time-frame. SCS intern-extraordinaire De’Liza Galimidi and her fabulous mom, Mona, Windy Alford, Sara Lemma and her fabulous daughter Eliza (seen ripping those despicable A’s off our chests), Gabrielle, Jennifer Reed, Sebring, Ed Long, Annette Magnus, Jeremy Newman and the crew at IBEW Local 396.

I also want to give a shout-out to the city of Las Vegas for being an ever-amusing source of fodder and excellent free shooting locations. And for the real-life cast of characters who gave our one-day shoot a certain sticky-cab-floor vibe. As evidence that the universe has a delightful sense of humor, as I walked through a downtown parking garage to meet the team to shoot scenes on Fremont Street, a group of men started yelling and gesturing at me, with one shouting, “How much, honey? … No really, how much?” Or the gregarious fellow working at a Fremont Street booth who helpfully showed me how to work the pole outside of Glitter Gulch. “You gotta put your one hand down like this, and your other hand like this,” he said as he helpfully demonstrated. Why did I decide not to bring waivers, again?

While I hope this video shows my sense of humor, the message is solidly within the framework of Slut Riot and our Sluts Week. Our lyrics, penned by De’Liza, PJ, and yours truly, are all about street harassment, slut-shaming, and allusions to the big-picture problems, including how slut-shaming plays into rape culture and misogyny. I have a lot more I want to say about that, but I’ll save it for another post tomorrow.

So many words on the tip of my tongue
It’s a cacophony right in my ear drums
I keep wondering why this is the way and
People around always look the other way

Sitting back, just sounds the same
Can’t do it on my own
Listen to me, Oh no
You shouldn’t say anything at all
But you better consider
We are not to tame, ame, ame, ame

They call me slut
They call me bitchy
They call me ho
They call me skank

Now say my name! (Repeat x4)

Stop being quiet
And start a riot
Red on your lips, yeah
This body’s mine!

Now say my name (Repeat)

I’m not your catch
You don’t own me at all
Here’s the last kids standing up against them all
Keep up darling, these heels don’t mean I’m whoring
Getting glammed up, stop making me defend

They tell us don’t go alone at night
Lock us up away, tell us what to wear now
Cat calls when dressed up, out and all with
Everything thrown at us, it’s too hard a game, ame, ame, ame

Are you calling me easy?
Are you calling me cunt? (Repeat)

(Chorus repeats)

I’m hoping this is just the first of many Slut Riot videos and photos, submitted for theBig Slut Riot Contest, which has three great prize packages! Send in your selfie, vine, or awesome collaboration by 5 pm (Pacific) tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 9).

And that’s just hours after our BIG SLUTTY TWEET-CHAT at noon (Pacific) on Friday, Aug. 9! Join SCS and co-hosts Feminism 2.0 as we talk with author Emily White about her book Fast Girls: Teenage Tribes and the Myth of the Slut as well as diving into questions about slut-shaming and how we ultimately dismantle it and empower ourselves.

Remember to keep sharing the Slut Riot with all your friends and to drop by the tweet-chat. We’re using the hashtags #slutriot and #slutsweek all week long!

Video & Photo Credit: The Sin City Siren

This post was cross-posted here with permission from The Sin City Siren

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