Being the Change

Note: Linda is ready to finish and release her debut albums, “Voice of the Children” and “Love Sessions” & she needs our help:

I’m a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. I love singing and helping  others especially children in need. Recently I launched my Indiegogo project to record my first two album releases “Voice of the Children” and “Love Sessions.”  The project will also help raise funds and awareness for children affected by  poverty and war.

linda wallaceI am excited to share my music with the world but I need your help. The songs from my album “Voice of the Children” have been written from the perspective of the children going through these difficult experiences. I hope to touch and inspire people with my music. I have also enlisted the help of two amazing artists and friends who will be singing on my albums. The first artist is Emmanuel Jal who is a South Sudanese musician and former child soldier. He is a world recognized amazing hip-hop artist. Emmanuel is also a humanitarian advocate for social justice and human rights.  The second artist is Oliver Pigott who is  a very talented musician and soulful singer.

Last week, I was approached by a man after I performed my song called  “Paradise.” He told me that when I mentioned I was helping children affected by poverty and war with my music his eyes glazed over at first. I assume that may happen to many people when they hear the words help, give or poverty but it’s what he said next that blew me away. He said, “My eyes glazed over but then when I heard you sing I could feel it in my heart, over and over every time you sang the words Paradise, I could feel it” That’s when he said he knew it was real.

And that is what I am doing with my music. I am being the change. If my words and music resonate with you and feel you would like to donate or just share this project with your friends visit my webpage at Linda Wallace’s Album Release-Voice of the Children.

Your  support or donations in anyway would be very appreciated.

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