Define Yourself

The Religion of Choice

Define yourself. Do you do it by the choices you make? Or the ones you choose not to make? The freedom to make a change, to decide, is what allows agency. As a writer, the dissolution of my voice is my greatest fear. As a citizen, legislation impacts my society. As a woman, this voicelessness impacts my humanity. The consequences of the Hobby Lobby decision, steal my agency, and yours too.

The Price You Pay for Healthcare

The most difficult bit about this–is that I see the difficulty the Hobby Lobby decision brings into all women’s lives, regardless of accessibility to contraceptives. What it says, is, that this choice has been made for you. When employment affects your access to healthcare, and we are subject, as a gender, to systemic urgency, we become less-thans. Less than the statures.What the real cost is here, is not out-of pocket expense. What the cost is, is suffrage of an entire gender.

Solitude & Connection, When Some Rights Outweigh Others

What I think is important to delineate here, is we don’t have to take issue with the concept of connection – I have no problem acknowledging that what I do, what we do, affects others. However, when one’s access to basic medical care, is considered a stumbling block in someone else’s path, I ask, is this a road we really want to be on in the first place? If religious freedom means the right to make everyone else behave in the way I see fit, and that the laws surrounding this affect the social infrastructure in which I, willingly, or unwillingly am a part, then those claiming ‘religion,’ always prevail.

Choosing to Speak Up

The idea that no one really has a clue what you’re singing about, or maybe no one even really cares, is sobering for a songwriter, but also as a female. I do think we can scream at the top of our lungs, and maybe no one would even hear. But the point is not to be heard, the point is to be understanding that we are not in this alone, we are truly a part of a web of understanding, of choices, that we make as we pursue the rights of women to have agency in a voiceless male-driven society.

hobby lobbyHow I See It

In song, I can hash out all the socialist melodies I care to, and wave my Judeo-Christian flag around, whilst speaking of socially provocative issues. As a daughter of the American south you’d think it’d be problematic, but it’s usually swallowed with a smile… Why? Because no one is really listening to everything. A little, female songwriter barely brakes the sonic boom of the male dominated musical marketplace.  Not as far as craft is concerned. Why not? —Because the majority of music is dominated by male thought, and my reaction to this, is to keep my agency. To keep writing song.

For the Love of God

Rape culture, no matter how beautified it is, exists in such a pervasive way, it mocks women daily. It mocks feminist men, who straddle those lines. It mocks brothers of the female revolution, sisters of the LGBT movement, and words of divisiveness strike from every angle, even in a slowly socializing healthcare system.  Agency, is what gives us a voice. Voices are our agency. Speak up.

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