Sexism is Not Sexy

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As I walk down the street, I’m surrounded. Surrounded by images, curated by large conglomerates, political structures, and social infrastructures. We are surrounded, by these images, and their constant whispers. The question is what to do about it. My answer, is to write, to share, to sing and love as hard as I can, and as loud as I can.

Does it do any good? Just two weeks ago, my lover’s brother sent a text message to my best friend. She’d sent a picture of me at the pool with my mouth open in a laugh. To paraphrase, his response to her said something to the effect of this: ‘I don’t trust anything that comes out of that d*** sheath.’ He then asked her to send a picture of herself in a bikini. What I’m doing alone, is not enough. Not even in my own life.


These images are our silent neighbors, our ghosts.  There is risk existing in what we allow to penetrate our minds, our thoughts, our own vision, and I am ready to open up my eyes, and live as a citizen of engagement.  In my life as a small, female folk musician, I find myself on the constant offense – hurtling words and songs at the world in an effort to change it.  I find myself unable to do the job alone.

My friends at the planet project started Human-Up, and they are putting poetry, lyric, and art to end rape culture on billboards. Big giant, available billboards.

When I was in Pennsylvania, I came across some literature, attempting to take a visual stand, against public consciousness of counter culture, and to put an end to rape culture. They are crowd funding their cause, much as I did with my first record. The question is not how do we take a stand. The question is, will we stand together?

Support this movement to end rape culture here:


“more and more men
are rejecting bystander mentality by speaking up against rape culture in all forms
from its most normalized to its most extreme aspects.
more and more men
are standing up instead of standing by,
because they know that NOT speaking out,
when they witness sexism
– from cat calls to rape jokes, to slut shaming –
makes them complicit.
we take apart patriarchy at every turn,
offering perspective and tools,
to help more and more men understand that sexism is not sexy.
Join us as we work as allies across gender and generation to shed light on the dark shadows and blurred lines that normalize rape culture and constrict us all.”

Photo 1: Credit The Planet Project Movement

Photo 2: Credit Sara Rachele


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