(We Wish) Rachel Dolezal Statement on SC Shooting

Rachel Dolezal (Public Domain Image)

Rachel Dolezal (Public Domain Image)

This is the statement we wish Rachel Dolezal would release today:

RACHEL DOLEZAL: Statement on Charleston, SC Church Shooting

While the press has been obsessed with my story, countless acts of violence and racism have fallen from media attention.

We were yanked back into the dangerous reality of living black in America when a white terrorist killed nine African Americans at a Bible study in Charleston, SC yesterday.  Or, I should say, white people have been jerked back into that reality – African Americans can never leave it.

That is why this will be my last public statement.  I acknowledge that my choice to live as a black woman was just that: a choice.  Americans with truly brown skin never have the choice to live as white. They never have the choice to live in a world free of violence with true access to the best of the American Dream.

Starting today, I will be silent.  I will continue to live and work as black person.  I will continue to fight for social justice, economic opportunity, and a just, racism-free world.

But I will do so out of the public eye.  Because my story has become a dangerous sideshow – one that detracts from stories that need to be told.


Suzanne Turner is Co-Founder of Fem2pt0 and Founder and President of turner4D. Article originally posted on the turner4D blog.



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