Republicans Admit to Abusing Congressional Power to Derail Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

The Special Committee on Benghazi, tasked with investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, accidentally had a vital secret exposed by the politically ambitious Republican, Kevin McCarthy. Last week, McCarthy exposed the deviant truth of the committee’s purpose: disrupt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by attacking her personal integrity. h clinton olivia post

The committee is headed by Republican Chairman, Trey Gowdy (SC-04), who has shown no haste in wrapping up the investigation—ensuring that the Clinton-smearing campaign will continue into 2016. These revelations indicate the committee was never planning on conducting an objective investigation into the attacks at the expense of American taxpayers.

Fellow committee member, Elijah E. Cummings (MD-07), responded that the actions of the Republican members have been shameful as they capitalized on the deaths of Americans for political gain.

It is yet to be determined how the Clinton-fearing Republicans will respond to this breech in secrecy and scheming by their possible next Speaker of the House, but thankfully Clinton has responded by shining a light on their maleficence with a new TV ad showcasing McCarthy’s admission.

Although the clear conclusion is that Republicans fear another Clinton running the White House, the radically dishonorable use of the Special Committee reeks of a greater Republican anxiety: a strong, capable woman in power.

Delegating Congresswomen and men and millions of dollars into a fraudulent investigation is simply beyond reasoning. Why are they so fearful of a female president? Ego.

Republicans—a party brimming with white, upper class men—can see their not-too-distant future: the shameful dissent of the unchallenged, prevailing power of penises. In short, they know that a strong woman in power will not yield to their fears of emotional expression, menstruation, childbirth, abortion, contraception, protecting victims of sexual violence, or equitable pay no matter how big of a tantrum they throw.

Hillary Clinton threatens their most basic, core assumption: men are bigger, better, smarter, and right about everything. If Clinton’s campaign is successful, as the first female president she will step into the oval office having metaphorically castrated every Republican idea that stood in her way; cheered on and supported by the majority of the public! No wonder they’re lying and cheating—it’s just what children do.


Photo: Hillary Clinton, Creative Commons

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