Debating Problematic Societal Reactions to Cancer, Gender-Based Violence & Sexism: Let’s Rewind

rewind 10.10 to 10.16

Let’s Rewind, shall we?  This week we’re covering the distasteful sexualization of breast cancer awareness, sexism in politics, the first democratic debate (and what was missing), and reminding people this Domestic Violence Awareness Month that hurting is NEVER flirting.

Welcome to the Rewind: October 10-16, 2015.

#NOBRADAY? NO THANKS:  #NoBraDay was trending on Tuesday under the pretense of raising breast cancer awareness.  While I fully support (pun intended) any woman who chooses to go bra-less, I am sickened by the need to sexualize a sickness that strikes a quarter million women a year.  Is making something sexy really the only way to trend on Twitter?  Shouldn’t valuing women’s lives be enough to jump-start a larger conversation? A campaign like this degrades women with breast cancer and survivors by reducing them to their body parts.

HILLARY ON SEXISM:  The democratic presidential candidate spoke to how women are held to a completely different standard than men in the political arena.

“How is a woman supposed to behave? Well, how about the way she is. And then people have to figure out her as opposed to her having to figure out everybody else.” – Hillary Clinton

Hear, hear, Hil!  Speaking of Hillary…

#DEMDEBATE: Clinton and the other Democratic candidates covered many important social issues respectfully while proposing real solutions.  The debate, however, completely circumvented reproductive rights, and left many wondering why the candidates didn’t use their platform as an opportunity to dispel myths about women’s health providers who have been so scrutinized lately (read, Planned Parenthood) and to elevate the importance of access to women’s healthcare.

Paid Family Leave DID come up, and Clinton made an excellent point that hinted at #reprorights:  The GOP is fine with big government when it comes to [restricting] a woman’s right to choose, but not when it comes to paid leave or healthcare.

I would also like to give a shout-out to all the candidates for their respectful nature throughout the duration of the debate (a far cry from the “Carnival Barker” aka Trump centered commentary on the GOP side that had many feminists up in arms about the disrespect shown to women throughout the Republican debate).

During his closing remarks, Martin O’Malley noted of the evening: “On this stage you did not hear any remarks degrading women.”

GOOD.  Now, let’s take it one step further, and EXPECT that as a norm next time, not as something that should surprise everyone.

HURTING ≠ FLIRTING:I bet he likes you,” said a hospital worker to a 4-year-old girl who had been treated with stitches after she was hit in the face by a boy so hard that her cheek split open.

In what universe is this okay to say to any child?  The normalization and romanticizing of this violence against a little girl makes me want to scream.  What message does this send to a four-year-old?  That it’s okay to endure punches in exchange for someone’s romantic interest? Kuddos to her mother, who spoke out on Facebook to publicly protest the incident.


Peter Mackler Award Ceremony 2015 Honoring Zaina Erhaim (Syria) 

At 6pm on October 22nd, Zaina Erhaim will be honored at the National Press Club in Washington, DC as the 2015 recipient of the Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism. She will also host a panel with some of the world’s most fearless war correspondents: Deborah Amos of NPR, Miriam Elder of BuzzFeed News and Louise Roug of Mashable.

A networking cocktail hour will follow the ceremony.  Ticket options begin at $25 in advance, $35 at the door.

And that wraps this week’s Rewind!




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