Redefining It All, Because We Have To | The Fem2 Friday Rewind 11.14-11.20 2015

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WELCOME TO THE FEM2 FRIDAY REWIND for the week of 11.14-11.20, 2015.

This week’s Rewind is all about redefining the things we thought we always knew.


It’s clear in the news we read that people’s health and happiness are being squashed and squandered by our current society. We cannot hope for a successful future if we continue to operate per the status-quo.

Because lives are at stake.

Here’s to those pushing the boundaries. Being activists and allies. Here’s to you, willing to consume this week’s fast facts in Feminist news.

After reading, not only will you be able to impress your friends at the dinner table with your up-to-date worldly knowledge, maybe you’ll be inspired to join a movement and help change the world for the better.


TRANSGENDER DAY OF REMEMBRANCE: Today marks the Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual memorial started in 1999. A record number of transgender people have been murdered in the US this year.  It’s clear anti-trans violence remains rampant.

This week in Washington, DC has been “Transgender Awareness Week”, and historic moves by House lawmakers resulted in the launch of the first-ever Transgender Equality Task Force; they also held a forum to raise awareness about anti-trans violence.

REDEFINING THE “TYPICAL” PRINCESS:  LGBTQ characters are rarely represented in fairy tales. The heroine in Greg McGoon’s new children’s book The Royal Heart, is your typical fairy tale princess … and is transgender.

A great quote from the author:

“The ability and desire to acknowledge oneself is not limited to the transgender community. I think that is a feeling many people struggle to reveal. This story embraces that idea … That holds so much magic in itself.”

TIPS FOR TRANSGENDERS AND THEIR ALLIES: Here’s some great tips for coming out as transgender to your Latino family directly from a trans Latina counselor. She also reminds us that using a transgender person’s preferred gender pronoun shows them people they’re being respected & believed.

#PaidLeave #LeadOnLead

BABY DIES AT 1ST DAY OF DAYCARE:  Every day for my work, I read many pieces about injustice, crime, and the wrongful death of people of color, women, children all over the world. But this story in particular might make you sob with grief and despair, because this life was lost so carelessly and senselessly.  It’s heartbreaking. I cried.

The poise of this grieving mother is incredible after something so devastating happened to her.

I don’t want to alter her words, so I’m including this powerful quote from her piece that implores our American culture to understand why parental leave is critically important.

“I wasn’t just up against the end of my parental leave. I was up against an entire culture that places very little value on caring for infants and small children. Parental leave reduces infant death, gives us healthier, more well-adjusted adults and helps women stay in the workforce. If we truly valued the 47 percent of the work force who are women, and the value of our families, things would look different.

SPOTIFY SEES VALUE OF WORK & FAMILY BALANCE:  Yesterday music streaming service Spotify announced full time employees will be offered six months of paid parental leave, which can be taken all at once, or parceled into shorter breaks.  Moms and dads can use the leave at any time for the first three years of their child’s life.  Another great part?  Spotify has promised to help new parents transition back in to work by providing flexible hours or the opportunity to work from home.

Spotify founders hail from Sweden, where employees can get 480 days of paid leave. (Did you know that new fathers are required to take off at least two months or must forfeit his benefits? Talk about working to even the playing field for new mothers.)

#EndDVNow #SexualAssault  #DomesticViolence

MORE COSBY ACCUSERS CONTINUE TO FILL #THEEMPTYCHAIR:  Four additional women alleging sexual abuse and defamation have come forward to join the lawsuit against Bill Cosby.  Unfortunately many of these women have faced public ridicule since doing so.

Joan Tarshis, who has recently come forward, described a recent moment when a woman drove by in her car, called her a liar, and spit at her.

“I don’t want to sound like Richard Nixon, but I’m not a liar. Why would anybody lie about something like this? This is not my legacy.”

#WeSayNoMas / #DecidimosNoMas:  The new campaign from No Mas launched Tuesday aims to raise public awareness and engage bystanders around ending domestic violence and sexual assault, particularly in the Latino community. A really incredible study of domestic violence and sexual assault in the U.S. Latin@ community, the most comprehensive to date, is helping to inform the campaign.No MAS

#ReproRights #Abortion

THE DECISION NOT TO DRAMATIZE ABORTION: Twitter is currently deep in debate about Olivia Pope’s abortion on the popular TV show Scandal last night.  Her procedure received one minute of airtime and was never directly spoken about on the show.  Many think the show was trying to challenge the prevailing abortion narrative that the decision to have one will leave a woman devastated for a lifetime.

The show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, got a thank you directly from Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards for raising awareness about abortion.

cecile richards tweet


SYRIA: The incredible story of two Syrian women fighting to save their city, Aleppo.

GUATEMALA:  The country just banned marriage of anyone younger than 18.  This is monumental- nearly 1/3 of girls there are married before 18.

PAKISTAN: Pakistani women take selfies in ‘male’ spaces to promote gender equality there. #GirlsAtDhabas

BCC’S 100 WOMEN LIST: A celebration of female accomplishments from around the globe.

USA:  A Black woman recounts her experience being confronted by 19 armed police officers while trying to get into her own apartment in her mainly white neighborhood.


MENTAL HEALTH UNICORNS: Take a listen to this brand new podcast, League of Awkward Unicorns. It’s about mental health and emotional wellness, something we all need more of in our lives. The first episode aired this week, and it’s awesome and awkward. I especially like that the conversation often involves cats.

RBG & GLORIA STEINEM GO WAY BACK: Read this amazing interview by the New York Times of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Gloria Steinem – of course they are old friends.  Get to know them and their incredible work a little more through this candid interview.

DEAR MEN. “SHUT THE HELL UP SOMETIMES”:  Senator Claire McCaskill (one of just 20 women in the Senate) made waves on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when she reminded men that “the world doesn’t need your opinion on everything.” She then launched into an incredible list on exactly what she believes men should hush about, including Shonda Rhimes, what women should do with their bodies and pantsuits. If you have not seen the clip, now is the time.

That wraps the Rewind for this week.  Everyone have a safe and restful weekend.


The Fem2 Team


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