Goodbye & Good Luck to Fem2 Associate Editor Lauryn Gutierrez

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Lauryn Gutierrez, Suzanne Turner & Violet Tsagka, The Fem2 Team for 2015!

At the end of the month, our Associate Editor Lauryn Gutierrez is continuing her journey in the social justice space by taking a new position as Communications Associate at RH Reality Check, an award-winning publication that does investigative reporting, news commentary, and analysis on issues regarding sexual and reproductive health and justice.

Since the beginning of 2015, Lauryn has worked daily to connect women to Fem2.0 both as an engaging feminist community and platform for emerging voices.  She recruited several new bloggers, was very active as a voice of Fem2 on our social media accounts, and spent time communicating with Fem2 bloggers day to day on ideas for pieces.  She founded and wrote the Fem2 Friday Rewind, “your weekly fast facts in feminist news”, and helped train new bloggers in social media and personal branding.  She also served as full-time Junior Associate at turner4D, Fem2.0’s founding organization, where she worked with the team to develop and implement strategic communications strategies for progressive clients.

In her daily work as part of the Fem2 team over the past year, Lauryn found her niche in the social justice space: her passion surrounds women’s rights, gender equality and reproductive justice.  We are pleased to see her advance in her calling with RH Reality Check. She’ll continue her presence in the progressive arena in Washington DC and will maintain her relationship with the Fem2 community as she narrows her focus onto reproductive rights.

At RH Reality Check, she will continue some of her favorite parts of the workday as part of the Fem2 team by monitoring news on women’s issues in reproductive health and justice.  She will miss her Fem2 team and the opportunity to work daily with them in addition to, as she says, “the wonderfully talented and whip-smart women bloggers”, but looks forward to continuing to see them excel in their writing and personal endeavors as they make their mark on the world for women and families everywhere.

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