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This is the last in a series of three blog posts highlighting S.O.U.L. Sisters’ work. To read the first post, please click here and to read the second post, click here.

SOUL Line partners with professional fashion designers, graphic designers and business owners to make 100% youth designed products carrying a positive social message.

S.O.U.L Sisters’ Youth Social Entrepreneurship program provides opportunities for young women of color, transgender and gender non-conforming youth in middle school and high school to develop business, design and entrepreneurship skills through SOUL Line, the Youth Social Enterprise.

How can you help build the Youth Social Enterprise?

1. Spread the word! Share the blog posts & use the hashtag #shaheenXsoul #SoulLine
2. Like & follow SOUL Sisters on social media                                                                                                         Facebook: soulsistersleadershipcollective
Instagram: @soulsistersleadership
3. Purchase products!


Purchasing a product will…
1. Support youth in becoming designers & entrepreneurs
2. Spread awareness of social justice and promote love as the tool for social change
3. Increase access in the arts, design, business & entrepreneurship

Top Products

            Clutch Purses

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Stationary of Love

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Love is Louder Tote Bag

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T-shirts & Hoodies

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See what SOUL Line Supporters are saying about the products…
“I bought a clutch because I believe girls are our future.”

“I bought from SOUL Line because SOUL Line creates a way for girls to develop their skills and build confidence and that will last a lifetime.”

“I felt like I was helping to make the world a better place.”

3 Recent Accomplishments

  1. SOUL Line has sold 80% of the ShaheenXSoul clutches, over 40 of the SweetDominoXSoul greeting cards, and 22 RecconectXSoul t-shirts and hoodies!
  2. SOUL Line has made close to $2,000 in revenue! All proceeds go directly back to supporting SOUL Sisters’ programs.
  3. SOUL Sisters partnered with Rocio & Roman to make the commercial for SOUL Line! The commercial will be coming soon!
    Check out Rocio @
    Check out Roman @

Gratitude from SOUL Sisters
“It has been so gratifying to watch the young women involved in the YSE program beam with pride when they see their designs become products. None of this would have happened if it had not been for so many talented and dedicated partners and supporters. Thank you all so much for believing in the power and brilliance of SSLC youth!”
– Caitlin Gibb, Executive Director

YOU can make a positive impact through purchasing a socially conscious product to spread the message of LOVE and support the women in BUSINESS!
Shop For Change by clicking here.

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