WEBSHOW –> Campaigns Engaging Women: #EPICFAIL?

Tune in to Episode 2 of the Dr. DigiPol Show this Thursday, September 8 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm to catch Michelle Coyle of Women Get It Done and Lisa Maatz of the American Association of University Women discuss whether or not the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are effectively engaging women voters.

Sure, this election is historic because a major political party has nominated a woman candidate for the very first time.DrDigiPol is IN Logo

Sure, Hillary Clinton has a history of fighting for women’s empowerment.

Sure, Donald Trump says “he cherishes women.”

But looking beyond the resumes and rhetoric, are either campaign doing an effective job engaging women in the campaign process? We certainly see some indications that the answer is yes, at least at the most visible levels. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has played a very public and strong role in his campaign. As is Chelsea in Clinton’s campaign. And both campaigns have women spokespeople and surrogates.

But how are they doing at the more substantive level of policy proposals and voter engagement?

This week on The Dr. DigiPol Show, we explore this question in depth with Michelle Coyle, who has been working with the organization Women Get It Done “building a network of powerful women, and bringing the next generation with us” and Lisa Maatz, the top policy advisor to the American Association of University Women.

Then, on our weekly Trending in Politics (TiP) segment, we review the week in digital political news with our producer and former White House correspondent for the New York Daily News, Ken Bazinet, and, of course, questions and comments from YOU… our audience. Whether you want to type your question or get on your webcam and ask via video, we want to hear what you have to say.

So join us LIVE this Thursday, 4:00-5:00 pm EDT on Shindig.com for this week’s episode of The Dr. DigiPol Show.


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