The Golden Globes: Notes From A Male Feminist Blogger

As an African-American male blogger who sometimes comments on/covers celebrities in pop culture, I am often amazed at how callous some of the posts around the blogosphere have become regarding women and their dress and their sex lives. The tonic snark of celebrity blogging – the antidote to the fawning coverage of evening entertainment shows – unfortunately veers unjustly towards a critical take on women celebrity looks and weight. 

Today, the day after the Golden Globes, bloggers far and wide will have a field day posting about what went wrong with what outfits – by women. The smug superiority that comes from dashing the designer gowns and hair and bodies of the women that graced the red carpet is clearly schadenfreude in its purest media form. And while, yes, there will be kudos and the wagging-of- tongues about the dresses and bodies and hair and make-up that worked, that turned the guys on, and/or otherwise inspired envy, the blog joy will almost certainly lean in the direction of the dresses that failed to capture the imagination of what can only be properly construed as The Male Gaze. And the slaughter will begin.

Granted, the tuxedo – or suit – is comparatively meh to the form-fitting designer gown. Suits are less risky, less revealing of celebrity flesh. But: Why don’t men ever get the same treatment with regard to their dress at those award ceremonies? As a blogger I am always conscious of balance when commenting on men and women – not setting up sexist double standards, particularly when it comes to sex and dress. For example: Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s sexuality does brisk business in getting eyeballs to a particular URL in the blogosphere. But what about Tommy Lee, or, back in the day, the infamous Colin Farrell, who, after their own fashion, were – and ARE in the case of Tommy — just as “voracious” in their “appetites” as Paris and LiLo and Britney? Aww, they’re just guys: they’re just “lusty. But Paris and Lindsay are sluts, whores, &c, &c, &c. Total double standard.

If Paris is a “slut,” then, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, George Clooney and A-Rod are certified man-whores. If Kate Hudson is “boy-crazy,” then Lance Armstrong is “girl-looney.” Resolved: We need more snark parity in the blogosphere.

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  • 4thwavefeminism

    Well said!

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  • Ron — you are my hero and I can only hope you are a male slut. Because you deserve concrete adulation and praise for your very rare feminist take on this topic. (A strong, sexy, bitch of a feminist is allowed a little raunchy talk — so shoot me.)

    This is a great post — where is the abject humiliation of the male fashion faux pas? This reminds me of something I read as a little girl back during the “women’s lib” 1970s. If someone walked up to a poised, well-dressed man and totally dressed him down for his utter worthlessness and bad style, that person would get a sock in the jaw. If someone walked up to a woman and performed the same disservice, the woman would wonder “what’s wrong with me?”

    Along the same lines, the Jud Apatows of the world with their wiry hair and beer bellies feel deserving of female attention (and giant pay checks) while the Paris Hiltons of the world must starve and wear outrageous clothes. (Meanwhile my husband says the only thing a man needs for a turn on is a pizza and a six-pack — along with the lady, of course.) LADIES — let’s unite to give a SOCK IN THE JAW to our critics! (And demand more money, raises, bonuses and etc.) And, while we’re at it, let’s give our buddy Ron a great big shout out for this excellent post.

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