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Reading Materials

The new novel, The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine by Alina Bronsky, is the story of Rosa and her family in Russia.  Bronsky shows off her talents by letting her characters twist in the wind, so that each of the readers can feel differently about them.  This humor gives the readers a different taste on this novel. For more information, click here.

Do you love camping? Do you love homemade food? In The Camping Cookbook, Annie Bell shows us how to cook and serve food beyond hot dogs with no real counter space and limited sources of heat and clean water. You only need a few things to accomplish this. Pack a cutting board and a small grill. Wash produce at home. Freezing meat, poultry or bottled drinks turns your cooler into an icebox. You are now all ready to go. For more information about the book, click here.


If you want to spend some more time with your mother, and you are looking for new ideas, you should join the Mother-Daughter Yoga Retreat on August 5 in NYC. You don’t need to have any yoga experience; just bring your energy.  For more info, click here.

If you are looking to visit San Francisco by the end of August, we have your best excuse. You should go and join the Women in Green Forum (WIGF).  Female professionals from the sustainability field will be highlighting women’s impact on the environmental arena, promote sustainable products and emerging green companies, and provide opportunities for women to learn about careers in sustainability. For more information, click here.

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