Won’t You Please Come To Germantown

The abortion battle that has taken over much of the country this year, has found itself on the doorstep of Washington DC recently.  Germantown, Maryland has become a battleground as Summer of Mercy 2.0 and Summer Celebration of Choice come to the same clinic.

On July 24th the Washington Post featured a story on Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who started practicing in Maryland in December.  Carhart started his practice in Nebraska, where Dr. George Tiller mentored him.  Carhart is one of the few doctors in the country to openly admit he performs late term abortions.  He also wants to expand his services, which has brought anti-choicers out in full force against him in their Summer of Mercy 2.0.

Summer Celebration of Choice needs your help!  The weeklong celebration is almost over but volunteers are needed this weekend.  The anti-choicer crowd has been out numbered all week, but expecting a huge crowd on Sunday, August 7th.  Take action and join the Summer Celebration of Choice on Sunday in Germantown!

Get all the information here and join the cause on Sunday!

Read what’s been happening with Summer Celebration of Choice.

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