Join Our Next Tweetchat at #nxtgenfem! Marlo Thomas and Passing the Torch of Feminism

The argument remains: Do we, as women, still live in a male-dominated society? Or have we finally achieved a sense of equality? Perhaps this will be a debate that never ends, in a “chicken or egg” cul de sac in which each side can produce convincing and fact-based arguments, but no conclusion is really ever agreed upon.

Yet one thing that cannot be disputed is the amazing progress women have made in society even from a few decades ago.  Feminist Marlo Thomas recently wrote a piece for the Huffington Post entitled Passing the Torch…Who’s Going to Run with it, in which she points out:

It wasn’t long ago in this country when, if you stood in a hospital hallway and looked through the glass window of the nursery, you could point to all the babies wrapped in pink and know exactly what they’d being doing in 20 years.

Stay-at-home mom? Teacher? The options were limited.

Twenty years ago, only the babies cocooned in blue blankets could become an astronaut, a doctor, scientist or even a solider. Today, this is clearly not the case, and it’s the women who came before us that we have to thank for clearing our path to equality and success.  As those strong and valiant women carry their torches with pride, they begin to light future generations’ torches and slowly, our light shines brighter…not just brighter, it shines ferociously.

So, who will carry the torch?  What will the next generation of feminists pursue? We’ll be joined by special guest Stephenie Foster, a Fem2 ally with over 25 years of experience advocating for women with governments and organizations all over the world.  Join us on our tweet chat using the #nxtgenfem hashtag to share a vision of the future of feminism and talk about what we should expect not just from the world, but from ourselves.

Date: Sunday August 14
Time: 9 PM EST
Place: #nxtgenfem



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