Twitter the Oscars – Out of Snark, Insight

We won’t be able to focus on anything Sunday night except the Academy Awards, and, admit it, neither will you. So, why fight it?

The topic of this week’s Fem2.0 Twittercast will be, The Oscars – Out of Snark, Insight.

To make sure we don’t miss any togetherness and feminist snark around this important national event, we’ll gather earlier than usual, at 8:00 PM EST, for the Oscars Red Carpet, where you can show off your keen fashion sense. Then we’ll smoothly segue into the awards ceremony, where you can demonstrate your deep knowledge of popular culture, show off your degree in pop psychology, and awe us with your prognostication skills.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #fem2.

Lucky for us, Tina Tyndal has just shared her thoughts on "Injecting Feminism into Pop Culture" on the Fem2.0 blog. Read it, think about it, use it to get into the right frame of mind for Sunday.

In the following weeks, our Twittercasts will return to more serious fare:

February 28     Power

March 7           Mommyism, Daddyism and Feminism

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