Adele Nieves and SPEAK!

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Excerpt cross-posted with permission from the Feminist Advisory Board for Obama.

My parents used to tell people that they discovered Barbra Streisand. They saw her in a small club in the Village and although she may have already put out her first album, it really was only my mother and father who realized that the gangly, shy girl with the amazing voice would very soon be huge!

Well, I didn’t discover Adele Nieves and SPEAK!, but I do have that feeling of excitement and anticipation about where these radical women of color are going.

My interview with Adele about the CD she produced with the media collective, SPEAK!, is must listening for any woman who is on the women’s team, and especially instructive for white women feminists and activists. Lately I’ve been listening to women of color politely tell me that it’s time for white feminists to reach out to them, listen to them, acknowledge their leadership and their struggle. STFU & L? Gosh, that’s what I’ve been saying to men who want to teach me what I just don’t understand about feminism: shut up, sit down and listen!

This CD packs a punch, and you’re welcome, you needed that. Powerful, lyrical, musical, beautiful, angry, strong and vulnerable, Adele Nieves and the women of SPEAK! are not sitting around waiting to be granted a seat at the table. They have discovered themselves. So, if you’re ready to shut up, sit down and listen to radical women of color media makers, you can buy the CD at

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  • My interview with Adele is temporarily down and not available anywhere. However, it will be re-released very soon. Sorry for the confusion or inconvenience.

  • interview back up on Interview4Obama and…on iTunes!!!…yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s a good interview if I do say so myself and the CD SPEAK! is MUST-LISTENING for feminists…when you buy the CD (from you will be helping single mothers get to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit.