Round-up: Recession, job loss & their economic impact on women


Everyone should be aware of how the recession and economic strife are impacting women (and frequently, therefore, children and families) disproportionately.  Here’s a list of articles that provide numerous perspectives on the issues:

1. From Women’s eNews today:Women are almost twice as likely as men to hold subprime mortgages. That means the ability of many to hang on to their homes could be tied up with Senate action–expected this month–on a bill to reduce mortgage payments.

2. Feminist Peace Network wrote a nine ten-part series on the economic impact on women, here and around the globe.  Many of the posts offer links to more information. These entries have been published between October 2008 and March 12, 2009:

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy–Part 2

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 3–Time For A Bakesale

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 4–Marie Antoinette and the Katrina Analogy

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 5–The Shopping Edition

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 6

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 7–Health Is Not A Luxury Item

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 8–There are NO Women On The Stimulus Conference Committee

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 9–The Impact Of The Economic Downturn On Women’s Lives

The Girls’ Guide To The Economy Part 10-When It Comes To Cutbacks In The Financial World, You’ll Never Guess Which Is The First Gender To Go

3. The Women’s Media Center asks us to think about women, poverty and the burden on President Obama in As Global Recession Drives More Women into Poverty, a Challenge to Obama.

4. Nancy Goldstein, writing for’s Broadsheet section in February, discusses how The Economy is a Feminist Issue.

5. Also in February, Ruth Rosen asked, What kind of stimulus do American women want on Talking Points Memo’s TPM Cafe.

6.  The New York Times blog, Economix, posted a entry about how early childhood education is the "ultimate growth industry" to be considered when considering the stimulus.

7. PunditMom aka Joanne Bamberger submitted a project that would involve interviewing women who live in different places all over the U.S. and chronicling their stories of how they’re kicking "the economic crisis in the butt."  You can vote for her project through April 3, 2009.

8. Recessionwire– this blog is great but in particular, check out the column noted to me by Tristin Aaron, Love in the Time of Layoffs, by Deborah Siegel of Girl with Pen (another great blog).

9. Ohio State University’s Institute on Women’s blog posted, "Women and the Economy – Various Viewpoints" and links to reports on how women in the insurance and financial sectors are being hit (hattip to Julie Graber, director of the Institute).

10. Jen Nedeau at’s Women’s Right site, had a great round-up on March 16, in A Few Thoughts on Women & the Economy (including links I have not provided).

If you know of any other posts or articles that discuss this topic, please list them in the comments and I’ll also try to add them to the main post.

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  • Thanks Jill for this great reading list. Osob Samantar writes a very personal account at of how the recession and job loss is directly impacting her sisters and other women in her family. Young women are also carrying a very heavy burden in this economic environment.

  • Here’s one to add:

    The Recession in Focus: My Story by Osob Samantar. Osob is a recent graduate of University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. She talks about how the recession has affected her sisters.

  • i am hoping that the global economy would recover from this economic recession. life has been very hard with these massive job cuts.

  • the economic recession made a lot of workers jobless. my best friend and me lost our jobs because of job cuts. i hope that our economy would recover soon

  • Our country was also hit hard by the Economic Recession. At least we are seeing some signs of economic recovery now. I hope that we could recover soon from this recession.