Fem2.0: Sunday Tweetchat on Domestic Violence and Popular Culture

Topic: Domestic Violence and Popular Culture
April 19, 2009, 10 PM EST
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Heather Holdridge and Joanne Bamberger (aka PunditMom) will lead Sunday’s Fem2.0 Tweetchat on domestic violence and popular culture.

Domestic violence is one of the most popular issues discussed in the feminist blogosphere and yet, it doesn’t seem to get much play in popular media except when celebrities like Rihanna and Chris Brown are involved. What does the Rihanna/Chris Brown story (and both of their subsequent actions) tell us about domestic violence in this country? How do videos, like the PSA with Keira Knightley, impact our ability as a society to address these issues honestly and the unacceptably high rates of domestic violence?

April 26 Twittercast: Moderated by Liza Sabater and Jill Miller Zimon

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