Equal Pay Day: We Need Your Voices

We pushed for Equal Pay on Tuesday, but we must not forget that the push has to continue. After checking out some of the articles published this week, we found the comments to be… less than supportive. See for yourself:


Detroit Free Press, Pay Equity Day is a reminder for women to get fair share, 04-28-09

455rocket wrote:

It made for a very well balanced culture when women were around to raise their children and take care of the home. Men were expected to work and provide for their families. Now there are less women at home to mother the children, and instead they are in the workplace stealing men’s jobs who don’t have the option like women of whether or not they feel like working.

Government Executive, Portion of gender pay gap persists, despite workforce changes, 04-29-09

Jeff wrote:

Ok, so let’s start moving the secretaries into vacant engineering positions or better yet, just raise their pay to that of a journeyman engineer and leave them as secretaries. I worked for the government for over 35 years and never saw women treated any differently in pay, bonuses or awards given they and their male counterparts worked in the same series and geographic location. Different jobs pay differently. This is just another Obama media op.

Cleveland OH Breaking News, Equal Pay Day marks women’s lower wages, 04-27-09

gotribe2007 wrote:

Whoever came up with this Equal Pay Day is a socialist. Men tend to work in careers that pay more, while women tend to work in part time jobs because they have to care for their children.

Are we supposed to pay a cheerleader the same as we do a professional ball player? Are we supposed to pay an administrative assistant the same as her male boss?

If women want to make the same amount as men, then they should become escorts. I assure you, they will make more than men in that career.

Idaho Business Review, The problem with "Equal Pay Day," 04-29-09

What these and other supporters of the “Equal Pay Day” theory want is for underachievers to be paid the same as their achieving counterparts. They as much as say so in every story accompanying this bad idea. Evidently women graduating with MBA’s are never told the secrets of negotiating salaries. The male students were told, groomed, coached, prepped, and readied, but evidently never the women.


We need women on these articles commenting back. The wage gap is real, it’s important and working for pay equity will benefit everyone. If you’re checking the news/blogs and see any comments like these, don’t hesitate! Step in and set them straight — and here is your toolkit, courtesy of AAUW.

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