Conf 2009

The first Feminism2.0 conference took place, February 2, 2009, at the Betts Theater, George Washington University, Washington, DC, with more than 250 participants.


2009 Fem2.0 Conveners

2009 From Our Conveners: What Fem2.0 Is About

2009 Conference Organizers

2009 Conference Program

2009 Conference Sponsors

Just a Few of Who Came


linkfluence Presentation

To view the images and data from the linkfluence presentation on the Femisphere, please click here and use the following log-in information:

Log-in: fem2pt0

Password: linkfluence

And also from linkfluence, check out their post with their top 30 feminist sites and blogs.


Murals from Diane Cline, OTH Consulting


Conference Content

Apps for Democracy Presentation

Photos from Veronica Arreola

Break-out session video: Women at a Crossroads

Break-out session Twitter from Amber Rhea

Bloggers and Activists: An Intimate and Frank Conversation

Feminism2.0: Feminism on the Move – Where we were and where are we now?

Feminism2.0: Media and Culture: Feminists and the Media – Speaking Out

Break-out session live-blogging: Roe Is Safe – Now What?

Break-out session liveblogging from Laurie White

At the crossroads

Bloggers and activists: an intimate and frank conversation

The story of women

Final session – From Individual Voice to Law of the Land – Continuum for Change

Break-out session liveblogging: feminism 2.0: bloggers and activists: an intimate and frank conversation


Conference Reviews

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[photos] Scenes from Fem2pt0 including network map of feminism in the ’sphere/

[update] Feminism in the Blogosphere & The Top 30 Feminist Blogs

My Fem2pt0 session on working women, as seen by a graphic recorder

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Fem 2.0 Panel Video – At A Crossroads: Organizing the Next Generation of Feminists Online and Off

Fem 2.0 Where Are We Going? Notes from a Conference (A Special Tuesday Tour)

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