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Is Pregnancy By Rape Different From Pregnancy by Mistake? Not When It Comes to Judging Women

A year ago this week, Representative Todd Akin made the explosive statement that in the case of legitimate rape, women’s bodies have ways of shutting down pregnancies. It was a truly public and spectacular screw up, after which women’s rights advocates, and, well, women in general, seized upon his remark as indicative of a Republican party […]

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Could the Supreme Court’s Prostitution Pledge Ruling Help Rape Victims in Ohio?

Yesterday afternoon, yet another state passed sweeping anti-abortion and anti-woman policies. Ohio’s new budget includes provisions for mandatory ultrasounds (including, possibly, just to obtain birth control), defunding Planned Parenthood, redirecting funds to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and defines pregnancy as beginning at fertilization rather than implantation. Despite vocal objections and impassioned pleas from Democratic lawmakers and […]

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Millennials and Reproductive Justice at Netroots: It’s Not Your Mother’s Abortion Fight.

The Netroots Nation conference is the largest annual conference of progressive activists in the country, and as anyone in the movement can tell you, there are a lot of issues that we work on. So it’s no surprise that Netroots has a lot of panels and trainings on a lot of topics. There is strong […]

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10 Crucial Facts About Rape Kits — True Even in Texas

It’s that time of the year again. The one where we have to say out loud that facts are empirically verifiable things that make sentences true. Even when women’s endlessly magical bodies and rape are involved.   Just when I thought nothing could get more ridiculous than last week’s “masturbating male fetus” rights argument to justify […]

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The long and winding road to abortion legislation in Ireland

Reading all of the “he said” “she said” opinions relating to the ‘controversial’ abortion Bill in Ireland is enough to make your head spin.  Since the untimely and unnecessary death of Savita Halappanavar there has been almost constant discussion on the subject of abortion here.  When or if terminations should be allowed under a whole […]

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UPDATED: Woman Denied Life-Saving Abortion in El Salvador #saveBeatriz

We are all Beatriz: Abortion rights in a life or death situation As a young woman in Catholic school, I learned that abortion was the murder of a child. I learned that this reasoning was in-line with the commandment “Thou shall not kill”. As I am sure has happened every year this, was discussed a […]

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Beatriz Will Die Without an Abortion. Her Country Says No. Will You Help Us Save Her?

Last year, Savita Halappanavar, an Indian woman being treated in a hospital in Ireland, was denied a life saving abortion because of the country’s strict Catholic code of conduct.  She died. The world was outraged as it came face to face with the horrifying truth that when religion guides your government, the death toll rises. Now we are again […]

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[Updated] Welcome to #FierceFlores headquarters!

I’ve been updating this post all day as I see new stories on #FierceFlores. Scroll down for complete list of news. Well, helloooo internet! I am truly amazed by the phenomenon that is now the #FierceFlores meme! It has gone viral, and then some! Thanks to all of you out there, Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores […]

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Looking in the Fun-house Mirror: Decoding Anti-Choice Spin

This post is originally published at Choice USA.  It is cross-posted with permission.   Do you ever look at anti-choice news websites? I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you want to spend a good hour or so hate-clicking on sensationally titled articles out of a masochistic fascination. Reading their take on things is like looking in […]

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Roe v. Wade: We Need a Further Legal Move, if Only on Paper

There are some things that are only good on paper. Disastrous recipes. Bad dates with good resumes. Certain haircuts and, generally, photoshop. One thing not so good only on paper is Roe v. Wade. In 1973, the United States Supreme Court declared that privacy as defined under the due process clause of 14th Amendment of […]

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