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The Myth of “Pro-Life Feminism”

Alright. Let’s get this out of the way right now. There is no such thing as “pro-life” feminism. It’s a myth, kind of like fairytale happy endings or the abominable snowman. You can’t have feminism without equality. In fact its most basic definition, according to feminist icon Dr. bell hooks, is “feminism is a movement […]

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Savita Halappanavar’s Death Will Not Be In Vain

Wednesday November 13th the entire country of Ireland and most of the world was rocked by the news that a woman in an Irish hospital died after being denied a termination for a baby she was already miscarrying.  She was 31 years old, she was a dentist and her name was Savita Halappanavar.  As an […]

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Why Rape Should Matter To Your Vote: 50 Facts

God, again. Rape? What is the big deal? There are more important issues than “the rape thing.” At least that’s what I keep hearing. However, I am with Garance Franke-Ruta who asked recently, in an Atlantic piece called Richard Mourdock, Mitt Romney, and the GOP Defense of Coerced Mating: “Do we want to live in a country […]

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No One Wins a (Tug-of) War on Women: From Uteri to Personhood, Why Feminists Must Reframe the Debate

With only 19 days before the 2012 election, the War on Women is intensifying. While Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping statements on women’s health in last night’s presidential debate might suggest a truce, you can be sure that threats to women’s reproductive freedoms are still as prevalent and ludicrous as ever.

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The Presidential Debates and Abortion in Canada

No one at work wanted to talk about the first presidential debate from last week.  If you’re a woman, you especially don’t want to talk about it, because you weren’t even a part of it, all your issues, all your concerns, all the rabid attacks on your rights over the past year were completely ignored. Romney […]

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Do Women’s Reasons for Having Abortions Matter? No…and Yes, and Here’s Why

About 10 years ago, I moved in with my boyfriend at the time. Should have been exciting, right? No. While things between us were good at first, he quickly turned abusive. Arguments rapidly escalated as he punched me in the stomach, kicked me and tried to choke me. I knew I should leave. But it […]

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Ann Romney Tries Convincing Women GOP Supports Our Rights, GOP’s Misogyny Says Otherwise

The GOP is trying to pull off a magic trick. They are feverishly working to convince you they support women’s rights. Yesterday at a “Women for Mitt” rally, Ann Romney told women to “challenged women to ‘wake up’,” that Mitt Romney will be there for them, that he’s “attuned to their struggles.” In her warm […]

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We Are Woman: A National Rally for Solidarity & Inspiration

More than a thousand laws have been introduced threatening reproductive freedom, abortion access, women’s healthcare, and birth control. The Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have ensured working women equal pay for equal work, was struck down in the Senate. And we still don’t have an Equal Rights Amendment to resolve all of these issues in […]

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I Wish My Mother Had Aborted Me

This piece is originally published on Role/Reboot. Republished here with permission. Lynn Beisner explains the difference between the two phrases “The best choice for both my mother and I would have been abortion” and “I wish I had never been born.” If there is one thing that anti-choice activists do that makes me see red, […]

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Dear Representative Trent Franks: A Letter From A Survivor of Rape on D.C. Abortion Access

Yesterday the House Judiciary passed a ban on abortions in DC, with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother.  Bria Murray, a survivor of rape, responds to Representative Trent Franks’ comments from the debate for the ban.  The post is originally published on RH Reality Check and is cross posted with permission. […]

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