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The Marriage Vow Point by Point (almost)

I spent some time over the last few days reading through the Marriage Vow, getting an idea of what the Republican candidates are really being asked to sign on to.  I found the contradictions to their own statements confusing, and their constant mention of the protection of women and their rights while stating at the […]

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When Men Are Absent From the Debate on Abortion

This past Father’s Day, President Obama delivered a weekly address in which he discussed the importance of having present, engaged fathers.  While I think we’re all on the same page on that one, I wonder if our determination to give women control of their bodies is not inadvertently sending men the signal that they should […]

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Dessert before dinner: GOP/Tea Party Holding U.S. Government Hostage Over Title X

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, its extremely likely that the U.S. Federal Government will be shut down if Congress does not agree upon and vote on a budget (H.R. 1) for the fiscal year. All throughout the day I’ve been getting news alerts saying they are close to a compromise . . . I’m […]

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does abortion belong in popular films? a response

Recently, Jaime Keiles (of the Seventeen Magazine Project) asked some great questions about films and abortion: why do so few films depict abortions? Should we see them in films more often? Jaime had just finished watching Enter the Void, which includes a pretty realistic abortion scene. She noted that the scene made her uncomfortable, but […]

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Where are the Young Women? Right Here.

Like many young feminists, I was more than a little appalled by Newsweek’s article on the lack of engagement on choice issues by young women. The most glaring offense was that no young women were interviewed for this article, despite the fact that not only are there many young women across the country doing great […]

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Abortion and Health Care Reform: How The House Bill Forces Women to Accept Less Coverage Than They Already Have

Posted with permission from WomensTake.org Last week it seemed that a compromise had been reached between abortion rights supporters and opponents. The compromise was based on the idea that health reform is so important that no one would try to use a single controversial issue as an excuse to bring the whole thing down. So, […]

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Talking About Abortion and Refusing to Be “Wrong”

By the time I learned I was carrying my son, now eight years-old, I had had two miscarriages, and my husband and I had a lot of emotions riding on this latest pregnancy. Still, I was in my late thirties, and planned to undergo that battery of tests around the third month for possible birth […]

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Selecting The Same Sex

Posted with permission from On The Issues Magazine There is one place where the definition of gender remains binary – in the womb. When it comes to sonograms, amniocentesis and standard pre-natal testing, there are no nuances. Here, the pronouncement, “It’s a girl,” can translate into fierce and instant parental rejection. The fact is that […]

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Dr. George Tiller: A Life Lived on the Line

George Tiller was a friend, comrade and associate of mine for over a quarter of a century. I would share time and ideas with him at conferences, refer patients for his services and exchange holiday gifts with his staff. He, like so many abortion providers, was a person of courage, integrity and commitment to women’s […]

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Higher Ground, Not Common Ground

by Merle Hoffman from On The Issues Magazine As a person who feels that war should be the strategy of last resort, I still like to read military history. I find myself going back to the wisdom of Sun Tzu who wrote in “The Art of War” in the 6th century BC: “If you know […]

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