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Prochoice is love, unconditionally

Let me tell you about Davion Only: He’s a 15 year old who lives in Florida. He loves football and has dreams of playing on a team when he has the chance. He’s struggled with school but has worked hard to improve his grades. And like so many of us, he’s struggled with his weight. […]

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The ‘Elephant in the Room’

On May 9th, thousands of  Canadians traveled to the nation’s capital and took part in the ‘Campaign for Life’ – an annual gathering of the anti-choice community to protest Canada’s pro-choice stance. In ‘solidarity’, regional chapters of the Campaign for Life coalition organized similar small-scale protests that will occur throughout the month of May. Last week was […]

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Because all children deserve ‘Forever Families’: On the Importance of Same-Sex Adoption

I have a ‘forever family’. It consists of a mom, and dad, and me – their adopted daughter. I grew up in a permanent ‘forever home’ with a loving, supportive family in much the same way other children do with their biological parents. And with all this love and support I was able to grow […]

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What It Means To Be Adopted: In Celebration Of National Adoption Day

I was born on April 20th, 1984. On June 5th, nearly two months after being placed on an adoption list in Montreal, I met my parents and became Kathleen. I can’t be sure what occurred during the two month gap between my birth and the introduction to my family; perhaps it’s an ‘adoptive limbo’, a […]

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Adopted and Pro-Choice

Last week, TLC aired a special called Birth Moms in honour of Mother’s Day, documenting the experiences of three young pregnant women considering adoption. When I first heard about this show I, being an open and proud adoptee, was thrilled; in the current political environment where abortion is constantly in the hot seat, many other […]

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About that Nation article on moms, feminism & blogging….

Nona & I talked over the phone for a good 45 minutes about this article. I knew immediately that she got the issue as I was communicating it. Her prompt was simple – why aren’t young feminists connected to mother issues and vice versa?

 As someone who has been a feminist activist in some form […]

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