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What Facebook Continues To Tell Us About Violence Against Women

There is a photograph being shared in Facebook of a woman cowering in a corner, eyes downcast, as large man standing in the foreground swings his fist at her head. The caption reads, “Women deserve equal rights. And lefts.”

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Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli Makes His Mark as VA Board of Health Votes for Increased Abortion Clinic Restrictions

The Virginia State Board of Health voted just yesterday to adopt stricter building regulations for abortion clinics. These new regulations are designed to – you guessed it – force the clinics to close as it is virtually impossible to comply with the new standards in the time frame allowed. This is the new front of the […]

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Vaginas for Human Dignity

As I sat down to write this piece my thoughts turned to the never ending stream of stories about women and girls being used and abused; treated as less than human.  As an activist I do what I can to promote organizations working to prevent suffering and to help survivors. That’s why last year, I […]

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There is No Such Thing as Traditional Activism

Tweet Chat: On Thursday, February 28, at 2 PM ET Fem.2.0 will host a Tweet Chat with special guests, Cindy Cooper, creator of  “Words of Choice“,  and   feminist writer, Soraya Chemaly ,  to discuss  how important it is for women to keep fighting for their reproductive rights and the role the theater plays as a vehicle to transmit […]

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“I Can’t Forget What Happens, But No One Else Remembers”

These words are the full text of a poem by an anonymous rape survivor.  Yesterday they were floated in the Reflecting Pool, with symbolic resonance, between the Lincoln and Washington Memorials in Washington, DC. The letters were put into the pool yesterday afternoon by the guerilla art movement FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture. Over the course […]

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Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson!

Mary Robinson: highly educated, civil and human rights campaigner, feminist, passionate, driven, courageous and the first female President of Ireland.  The more you learn about her the more you cannot help but admire her.  Throughout her life she has never been afraid to stand up for what she believes in and was at the root […]

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How Many Bodies Do We Have To Count?

Like millions I am filled with profound sadness and will have to talk to children about others just like them who should be alive and are not. We will all now know Sandy Hook Elementary School for the most tragic reasons. Tragic because these children are dead and their families shattered forever. Tragic because a […]

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The Election is Over but I am still scared

Sure the election is over, but Emily Heist Moss still worries that she’ll have to spend the rest of her life defending her rights.

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Q & A: What DV Survivors and Their Advocates Need to Know About Taxes

This post is originally published at National Women’s Law Center and is cross-posted with permission. Advocates serving survivors of domestic violence know that survivors face a number of pressing needs – including safety or shelter or immediate access to cash. Many advocates and survivors may not think about tax issues when they are dealing with those others. […]

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1964 or 2012? “You Don’t Own Me” Video – Don’t Forget on Nov 6th

Leslie Gore recorded “You Don’t Own Me” in 1964. Much to her chagrin and mine, she’s still singing it…Don’t forget when you vote on the 6th. 2012 1964

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