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Marisol: Sculptures and Works on Paper at El Museo del Barrio

Integrated into the exhibit Marisol: Sculptures and Works on Paper at El Museo del Barrio, are numerous wall-text quotes. Resonating deeply are the artist’s words from 1989:

“I’ve always wanted to be free in my life and art. It’s as important to me as truth.”
While others in the art world were intent on categorizing Marisol’s work within one particular school or another, Marisol continued to explore the subjects and mediums that spoke to the immediacy of her creative impulses.

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Women who Write What they Shouldn’t

Intro What I’ve always found striking about writing music on women’s issues, is that its connection to folk music is so irritatingly ironic.  The irony in it is this — that male folk-writers evoke a particular image in one’s mind, its fused with their music. But what is the woman’s? A girl with a guitar.  […]

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Can You Name 3 Female Artists?

“Can you name three female artists?” Of course, I thought – so easy! Mary Cassatt….um….um….. “Frida” says someone in the film, where people on the streets of New York are being asked this question. Yes, I think – Frida!  And….um…. I couldn’t do it. Neither could anyone on that street.  !Women Art Revolution, by Lynn […]

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Where Does Art Fit In?

When I heard about the Fem 2.0 conference, my first thought was, "Awesome!" Then I wondered who would be there… specifically where I’d find community. I am excited about uniting with my sharp, political, grassroots, grasstops, creative, tech-savvy, bold feminist sisters, but where would the self-proclaimed artists fit in? As the founder of The Saartjie […]

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