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Even at the Catholic University of America, We Need Birth Control

As a reproductive justice advocate at one of the most conservative colleges in the country (that is The Catholic University of America) the last few years have been nothing short of challenging. Figuring out how to get around the no condoms policy, being slut-shamed by a doctor at my campus health center, getting my favorite […]

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43 Million American Women Shouldn’t Be “At Risk”

There are 62 million women of childbearing age in the United States, 43 million of whom are “at risk” for unintended pregnancy. This costs us a minimum of $12 billion dollars a year, and that doesn’t include long-term costs. “At risk” implies an uncontrollable danger. An unavoidable event that happens to a person by accident or as the […]

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Women’s Healthcare: How Current Laws Affect You

Missouri’s New Law: An affront to women’s rights and health care reform On Wednesday, September 12, 2012, the Missouri legislature overruled a veto by Governor Jay Nixon on a bill which allows employers to deny access to birth control, enacting the bill into law. According to St. Louis public radio, “The legislation lets individuals, employers […]

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We Are Woman: A National Rally for Solidarity & Inspiration

More than a thousand laws have been introduced threatening reproductive freedom, abortion access, women’s healthcare, and birth control. The Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have ensured working women equal pay for equal work, was struck down in the Senate. And we still don’t have an Equal Rights Amendment to resolve all of these issues in […]

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Why Lila Rose Doesn’t Even Speak for Pro-Life Feminists

Lila Rose, founder of the controversial anti-abortion group Live Action, recently penned an article on Politico entitled “Battle Hymn of the Anti-Abortion Feminist.” As board members of All Our Lives, an unapologetically feminist organization whose (interfaith, nonsectarian, secular) mission is to alleviate the societal problems responsible for so many abortions, we are outraged by Rose’s […]

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A Nasty Turn in the War on Women

I spent part of my weekend reading about the resurgence of the feminist movement, much of it in response to the War on Women.  Debating, legislating and restricting our rights have finally woken us up, along with much of the American public and the media. Sitting down at my computer Monday morning to see the […]

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Arizonians, Beware

We can add Arizona to the growing list of states engaged in an anti-woman, anti-birth control rampage. Currently on the state roster is a bill that would allow employers to avoid offering women health insurance coverage for contraception if the company objects on moral or religious grounds. More specifically, women trying to get  reimbursed for […]

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Legislators: Women Are Not Cows and Pigs

This week the Georgia State Legislature debated a bill in the House, that would make it necessary for some women to carry  stillborn or dying fetuses until they ‘naturally’ go into labor. In arguing for this bill Representative Terry England described his empathy for  pregnant cows and pigs in the same situation. I have a question […]

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Please Stop Telling Me Why You Use Birth Control

There are things I care very, very deeply about.  Especially when it comes to women’s health, and women’s lives.  This isn’t because I think that women are special.  This is because I care deeply about people’s health, and people’s lives, and for some reason still incomprehensible to me, many people do not view women as […]

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New York City’s Slut Police

Is carrying condoms a crime? In New York it might just stop being evidence of one, if a new bill passes the state assembly. Just as Rush Limbaugh’s outrageous slut-shaming was hitting the airwaves, a bill that may help a lot of sex workers — as well as any woman who carries condoms in her […]

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