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Fem2 Friday Rewind: 2015 Favorites

Hello Feminist Friends, This week’s Rewind we bring you many of our favorite posts from our amazing bloggers they’ve shared with us this past year. As we reflect on the past year, I would like to thank all of our bloggers and the broader Fem2pt0 community for supporting our mission. All of you have worked […]

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New Linkfluence Research Illuminates Influence of Women’s Issues and Feminists on the Political Web

We’re very excited to tell everyone that our friends at Linkfluence will be presenting at Fem2.0 new research about how feminist blogs/women’s issues fit in the US political Web. Some preliminary conclusions are:    1)   The feminist blogosphere is a dense, well-structured, and tight-knit network.  2)   The feminist blogosphere is tightly enmeshed in the progressive […]

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Peacock Feathers and Political Blogs

Cross-posted from e.politics. Quick: off the top of your head, name the most prominent voices in the progressive political blogoshere. Kos? A guy. Atrios? A guy. Josh Marshall? Glenn Greenwald? Jerome Armstrong? Ditto. The only top-level female bloggers in the general progressive political space who come to mind right away are Jane Hamsher and Digby […]

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