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#fem2 and #p2: how can we support each other more effectively?

It’s not that Twitter is a utopia by any means. However, the power structure is still in flux. So a collaborative effort between progressives, youth, feminists, women of color, LGBTQ activists — across the US and internationally — has a chance to make a big difference. One simple way to start is to set up […]

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New Linkfluence Research Illuminates Influence of Women’s Issues and Feminists on the Political Web

We’re very excited to tell everyone that our friends at Linkfluence will be presenting at Fem2.0 new research about how feminist blogs/women’s issues fit in the US political Web. Some preliminary conclusions are:    1)   The feminist blogosphere is a dense, well-structured, and tight-knit network.  2)   The feminist blogosphere is tightly enmeshed in the progressive […]

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The Golden Globes: Notes From A Male Feminist Blogger

As an African-American male blogger who sometimes comments on/covers celebrities in pop culture, I am often amazed at how callous some of the posts around the blogosphere have become regarding women and their dress and their sex lives. The tonic snark of celebrity blogging – the antidote to the fawning coverage of evening entertainment shows […]

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What does feminism look like on the web?

I’ve always thought of the internet as a kitchen where every web page, every email, every embed is a menu of creative delicacies feeding the soul of our culture. Every image, every word, every interaction carries meaning for the post or page where it is found. Collectively, all those billions of moments are not just […]

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