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What did you think about Fem2.0?

We had an exciting day yesterday — the Fem2.0 conference was an incredible experience for both the organizers and the attendees! Thank you, everyone — both online and in person — who brought passion, creativity and commitment to Fem2.0 to make it such a success. May the energy, inspiration and goodwill generated yesterday continue to […]

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Mothers of Dissension: A Case Study of How Internet-Fueled Moms Are Changing Things

The recent Washington Post article, “Pr. William’s Mothers of Dissension,”  is an excellent example of how women are using the Internet for local activism. Here’s a synopsis:   Prince William County, Virginia, was cracking down on illegal immigration, giving rise to racist rhetoric and dividing neighborhoods as residents lined up on either side of the […]

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What does feminism look like on the web?

I’ve always thought of the internet as a kitchen where every web page, every email, every embed is a menu of creative delicacies feeding the soul of our culture. Every image, every word, every interaction carries meaning for the post or page where it is found. Collectively, all those billions of moments are not just […]

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