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We Should Be Past Intolerance & Misogyny – “Because It’s 2015” | The Fem2 Friday Rewind 10.20-11.6 2015

Welcome to the Fem2 Friday Rewind, your fast facts in feminist news for the week of October 30-November 6, 2015. This week we rewind on a huge blow to domestic violence and sexual assault service survivors and service providers, transgender intolerance coming through in voting results, hypocrisy from our new Speaker of the House, that […]

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This Is My Rally Cry: Because in New Brunswick, ‘liberty’ is only yours if you lack a uterus. (#NBProchoice)

 It takes a special kind of person to work at an Abortion Clinic. You need to possess just the right combination of kindness and compassion, combined with courage, determination, and a whole lot of humility. Not something you can put on a resume, and I highly doubt it’s something you can learn from an overpriced […]

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Thank you for protecting us: In honour of Dr. Henry Morgentaler

He was a Polish immigrant. A husband and father. A Holocaust survivor. A Montreal-trained physician. He was also a Canadian hero. Dr. Henry Morgentaler, the man who spearheaded the reproductive justice movement in Canada, passed away yesterday at the age of 90. It is said that Morgentaler performed his first abortion in 1968, at a […]

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The ‘Elephant in the Room’

On May 9th, thousands of  Canadians traveled to the nation’s capital and took part in the ‘Campaign for Life’ – an annual gathering of the anti-choice community to protest Canada’s pro-choice stance. In ‘solidarity’, regional chapters of the Campaign for Life coalition organized similar small-scale protests that will occur throughout the month of May. Last week was […]

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My home is not safe for women

By now, all of us are aware of the tragic circumstances of Rehtaeh Parsons’ rape, torment, and suicide. I don’t need to provide the details of what happened to her. To be honest, and perhaps selfishly so, I know I can’t bear to write about it. Because this isn’t the first time we have written […]

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23 Years After Montreal Massacre: Why We Shouldn’t Just “Move On”

“I am here to fight against feminism. That is why I am here. You’re all a bunch of feminists, and I hate feminists.” Those were the words that 25 year old Marc Lépine proclaimed as he walked into a classroom at École Polytechnique (an engineering school at the Université de Montréal) on December 6th, 1989, armed with […]

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The Presidential Debates and Abortion in Canada

No one at work wanted to talk about the first presidential debate from last week.  If you’re a woman, you especially don’t want to talk about it, because you weren’t even a part of it, all your issues, all your concerns, all the rabid attacks on your rights over the past year were completely ignored. Romney […]

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Canada’s War on Women: The Battle of New Brunswick

As a self-proclaimed Maritimer, I’ve lived in New Brunswick off and on throughout my undergraduate and graduate student life. Although small in population, New Brunswick is a province with boundless natural beauty and is home to the kindest people you would ever have the good fortune to meet. I am in awe of this place […]

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