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Is This the Year We’ll Get a Congress That Looks Like America?

This post is originally published on Vitamin W.  It is cross-posted with permission. Congress doesn’t look much like America. There aren’t many women — just 17% of Congressmembers are female, in fact, and of those 90 congresswomen, just 24 are people of color. There aren’t many Hindus, amputees, lesbians, Latinas, or women veterans either. But […]

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We Are Woman: A National Rally for Solidarity & Inspiration

More than a thousand laws have been introduced threatening reproductive freedom, abortion access, women’s healthcare, and birth control. The Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have ensured working women equal pay for equal work, was struck down in the Senate. And we still don’t have an Equal Rights Amendment to resolve all of these issues in […]

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What Do Artificial Wombs Mean for Women?

This piece is cross-posted with permission from RH Reality Check What happens when women, like men, can be parents without bearing children?  Does one form of gestation become a status symbol? Another a stigma? Who decides which gestation environment is healthier or more economical? You? Your gamete-partner? Your priest? Your employer? Your insurance company? If […]

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What Do You Mean There’s No Paid Maternity Leave?

Women in America are taught to save – for a car, for emergencies, homes, and retirement.  What we end up learning the hard way is the need to save for maternity leave.  Thinking about having kids one day?  Ask about your employer’s maternity leave policy now!  It might happen that there isn’t one. I’ve spent […]

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The Sacrifice of Our Veterans

Veterans Day is a time to celebrate the men and women who have worn this nation’s uniform and to honor their service. When the nation called and asked, “Who among you will step forward and defend the Constitution? Who will leave your families, your home in order to protect what we hold most dear?” it […]

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Fighting Domestic Violence as Law Enforcement

For much of our history, domestic violence was viewed not as a matter for law enforcement but as a personal or family matter. Because of that communities often stood by while women and men were being hurt or murdered. Finally, those laws have changed. Today, my former police department in Orlando has a zero tolerance […]

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Leadership Secrets for Women, From Congresswoman Jane Harman

“Leadership is inside out.  You can’t take a poll to find out what you believe in.”  Watch this video to learn more about former Congresswoman Jane Harman’s lessons learned about women and leadership after serving nine terms in the US House of Representatives!

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You Should Run

Last night I was reminded of an issue I’ve written about here a few times.  At WIN’s Women Opening Doors for Women event the keynote speech, given by Sam Bennett, president of the Women’s Campaign Fund focused on women candidates.  She not only asked that we all ask women we know to run, and nominate […]

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Dessert before dinner: GOP/Tea Party Holding U.S. Government Hostage Over Title X

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, its extremely likely that the U.S. Federal Government will be shut down if Congress does not agree upon and vote on a budget (H.R. 1) for the fiscal year. All throughout the day I’ve been getting news alerts saying they are close to a compromise . . . I’m […]

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Bridging the Political Divide: How Do We Involve the “Common (Feminist) Voter?”

Democracies are run by those who show up. Which is why Tryce Czyczynska’s article on the low turnout for Stop Stupak rallies last week is more than a little bit troubling. Czyczynska observed that those who attended the rally in San Diego were largely seasoned political activists: Of the 80 to 90 attendees, too many […]

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