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Interview with the State Department’s Digital Diplomacy Strategist Lovisa Williams

Lovisa and I met for the first time at a digital diplomacy event in the Italian Embassy. Once we started talking, I knew right away that she would be a great person to feature on Fem2pt0.  Her career with the U.S. State Department is an inspiration for many women, especially those who want to be […]

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The 20th Annual Young Women of Achievement Awards: Cecile Richards Will Deliver Keynote Address

We are thrilled to announce that Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPAF), will deliver the keynote address at the 20th annual Young Women of Achievement Awards (YWA). In honor of the 20th anniversary, this year’s theme is, “20/20 Vision: 20 Years of YWA. 20 Women Senators. Headed Towards a Perfect Vision.” Ms. […]

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Woman Raped by Uber Cabdriver: From New Delhi to DC, We Need Solutions to End #VAW

In December, a Yahoo! Group for DC’s Cleveland Park neighborhood, posted a message detailing a rape allegedly committed by an Uber cab driver a few days prior. According to the post a 20-year-old woman who used Uber,  an “on-demand” cab service accessed via a smartphone app, was attacked, knocked unconscious, and raped by her driver after receiving a ride to her […]

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DCAF Winter Holiday Party: ‘Tis the Season for Peace, Joy, and Choice

DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) is an all-volunteer nonprofit that makes grants to women in DC, Maryland, and Virginia who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. DCAF affirms women as decision-makers. We hope to make “choice” a reality because we believe that a woman’s right to healthcare should not depend on her wallet. Are […]

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When Standing Up to Sexual Harassment Makes You a B*tch

I recently enjoyed my lunch break by picking up books at MLK Library, located in Gallery Place/Chinatown in Northwest DC. A few steps after I left MLK to return to work, an older man walked briskly toward me on the sidewalk, pointing his finger as he approached. “You’re sexy,” he said, continuing to point at me as he passed.

“Stop harassing women,” I said. I didn’t turn around to see his reaction. A young man waking beside me chuckled. I wasn’t laughing. In my work clothes with my books, I immediately felt embarrassed and objectified by what he said.

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Feeling Safer on The Metro – WMATA’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign

A series of bi-lingual anti-harassment advertisements have been rolled out by the DC Metro (WMATA). This is a positive development for many commuters, including myself, who use metro trains and buses at all hours of the day. Particularly promising is the online reporting tool located at wmata.com/harassment – it allows for commuters to report incidents […]

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Dear Representative Trent Franks: A Letter From A Survivor of Rape on D.C. Abortion Access

Yesterday the House Judiciary passed a ban on abortions in DC, with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother.  Bria Murray, a survivor of rape, responds to Representative Trent Franks’ comments from the debate for the ban.  The post is originally published on RH Reality Check and is cross posted with permission. […]

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Walking While Female: Sexual Assault in Broad Daylight

Yesterday, DC resident Liz Gorman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight in what is considered a “safe” neighborhood in DC. Here are her own words on her experience. Those of us who have worked in the service industry are very familiar of the 10-5 rule. This favorite of overzealous managers, inserted into every training session […]

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fem*ex – The Female Experience

Like many DC transplants, I had stars in my eyes and aspirations of changing the world when I moved to the city 6 years ago. I went full speed ahead, achieving my goals of working for national women’s organizations and finishing graduate school. I learned some hard lessons, most notably that building authentic professional relationships […]

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Sexual Assault by Strangers – on the Rise?

A few weeks ago a friend shared information on a recent spree of attacks on and around Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), right near my old apartment in Richmond, VA.  It was frightening for me, as I used to walk in the direct of VCU frequently to go out to eat, meet up with friends, and […]

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