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The “Problem” of Too Many Women: Iranian Universities’ Female Student Ban

Last month, 36 Iranian universities shocked education and women’s advocates around the world by announcing that 77 college programs, which were previously open to both men and women, will no longer accept female students. This turn of events has not received any formal condemnation from the Iranian Ministry of Higher Education or Iranian President Mahmoud […]

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Special Invitation to Blog Carnival: Bloggers Don’t “Work”

Though the public may no longer see bloggers as slackers schlepping around at home in pajamas, can blogging — or any activity outside the 1950’s model of "9 to 5" jobs with benefits — be considered gainful employment?  Over the next few days, Fem2.0 is working with MomsRising to start a fresh conversation about what […]

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Mr. President-Elect, Where Are the Jobs for Women?

Today, in the Op-Ed section of the NY Times, Linda Hirshman asks a very important question about Obama’s proposed public works program to stimulate the economy: “Where Are the New Jobs for Women?” In the weekly address on Saturday, Obama said the administration will build roads and bridges, upgrade public schools, build out broadband, make […]

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