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I Am the Unicorn: A Young Woman of Color Prepares to Enter the Computer Science Workforce

During Najla’s time in computer science, she has seen that gender-based assumptions are alive and well. She is aware that some people think that women aren’t interested in computing because of “the assumption that when you go into computer science, you’re going to be sitting at a cubicle the whole time and coding. But really there are so many aspects of it — some that involve coding, but also involve other things.”

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Why We Desperately Need More Women in STEM Fields

So, your six-year-old daughter has been dreaming of becoming a computer scientist. And, as much as you tell her that she will be able to do anything she wants to do, what you’re not telling her is the reality of the gender gap within every STEM field in this country. In fact, any field to […]

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A Man’s Perspective On She++ And Encouraging Women To Explore Technology

This post is originally published on Changemakers and is cross-posted with permission. At a conference promoting women in technology last year, Eventbrite co-founder Julia Hartz noted that her board included three male members, a testament to the success of women engineers and managers. When I followed her remarks by introducing Harvey Mudd College president, Maria […]

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