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Equal Pay Day 2016: What are you worth?

It sounds like a movie plot. Someone leaves an anonymous note in your locker informing you that you are being paid less than your male counterparts. Enough is enough, you bolster your spirits with thoughts of Susan B. Anthony, Betty Freidan and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. An inspiring orchestra score starts to swell as you march […]

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What is The Wage Gap is Costing You Every Day?

This piece was co-authored by Elizabeth Plank, Executive Social Editor at PolicyMic. You can reach her at @feministabulous. What would happen if we finally wage gap disappeared? We know women would be making more money, but how much more would they be bringing home? By now, you’ve probably heard depressing statistics like this one: For every […]

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Negotiating Equal Pay for Equal Work

It’s 2011, and women still make only $0.77 on the dollar to men, on average. People around the country celebrated Equal Pay Day on April 12. This occasion marks the day when women finally catch up to men’s wages—from the following year. That is to say, we never really catch up. Some efforts to address […]

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Equal Pay Day: We Need Your Voices

We pushed for Equal Pay on Tuesday, but we must not forget that the push has to continue. After checking out some of the articles published this week, we found the comments to be… less than supportive. See for yourself:   Detroit Free Press, Pay Equity Day is a reminder for women to get fair […]

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Get Ready for Equal Pay Day

The May issue of Redbook magazine has a great story entitled “Are Women Really Worth Less than Men? Our Government Says No, Our Paychecks Say Yes.” The article talks about the gender wage disparity that will cost women anywhere from $400,000 to $2 million over a lifetime in lost wages. It also features quotes from […]

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Equal Pay Day – 78 Cents and Counting

Next Tuesday, April 28, is Equal Pay Day, which marks the point in 2009 when the average woman’s wages finally catch up with what the average man was paid in 2008. That’s right — it takes us almost sixteen months to be paid as much as men were paid in a year. Equal Pay Day […]

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