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Why All-Male Minions Really Do Matter for Children

Earlier this week, Margot Mogowan, founder of Reel Girls, a web site dedicated to media equity, wrote a post lambasting the movie Minions for its dullard sensibility and disappointingly routine sexism.  Most families taking kids to the movies aren’t giving sexism a second thought, preferring instead to just get out of the summer heat and […]

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A Woman, An Inmate, An Inspiration

In about a month, I will be leaving my job and home to move 2800 miles away for law school. Lately, this has seemed like a daunting task: is it really necessary to do all that packing, make new friends, and take out student loans? Couldn’t I make a difference here in D.C.? Of course […]

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It’s Not About Polanski Anymore

It’s about the international film industry’s mistaken sense of privilege – that if you have enough talent, you should be above the law. Here at Fem2.0, it’s specifically about the actresses – thoughtful, intelligent, strong, role models for other women – who can so easily overlook the fact that a real 13-year-old girl was plied with […]

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