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6 Critical Reasons to Rethink Football and Kids

Warning: This is a long-read, but not nearly as long as an average Super Bowl. Now that the Superbowl is over, people can focus on what to do about the reality of football-related head injuries and how to manage risks.  If you are an adult athlete, what do you do given the possible economic consequences? […]

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The Students of Penn State: Not the Generation We Have Been Waiting For

  To the Students of Penn State: Something is really wrong here. ƒWhile I did not attend a university with a football team, I respect that football is what makes your school tick, and that Mr. Paterno’s exceptional skills are necessary for the team’s success. You have every right to be angry that he will […]

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Fighting Breast Cancer is Too Easy for the NFL

I have never been impressed with the National Football League’s campaign to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.  It seemed like a glib mass marketing/publicity stunt that didn’t really match the NFL’s target audience or purpose.   I love the idea that the NFL is choosing to support a cause, but why this one?  I […]

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