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It’s A Man’s World, Now What?

This post originally appeared in Role/Reboot. Last year, I wrote an article about women standing in lines to use public bathrooms. It wasn’t actually about toilets, but about why holding women to male standards is discriminatory. It must have twisted some people’s knickers in very tight and uncomfortable knots, because it resulted in seriously outraged and indignant responses. What […]

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An AIDS-Free Generation Begins With Women

Last week the Supreme Court declared that Obamacare was constitutional and this was a huge victory for women’s health.  Once Obamacare goes into effect health insurance companies won’t charge women more money and birth control will be covered.  But the fight for women’s health does not end here, as other health issues affecting women need […]

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Canada’s War on Women: The Battle of New Brunswick

As a self-proclaimed Maritimer, I’ve lived in New Brunswick off and on throughout my undergraduate and graduate student life. Although small in population, New Brunswick is a province with boundless natural beauty and is home to the kindest people you would ever have the good fortune to meet. I am in awe of this place […]

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How Do You Tell A Well-Intentioned Man That He’s Sexist?

A male friend and I recently saw the bumper sticker pictured above while walking through downtown D.C.  He grimaced.  I understood. This is the sort of “cutsey” feminism that feminists are supposedly allowed to get away with because we’re so oppressed that it’s ok to mock all men or claim that all men are responsible […]

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