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Anti-Street Harassment Campaign Exposes Campus Rejection of Progressive Dialogue

The Women’s Center at North Seattle College joined in celebrating April 12-18th as International Anti-Street Harassment week. As a member of the Women’s Center I can attest that our goals for the week were to raise awareness of: –          What street harassment is (it’s never a compliment, it’s always unwanted attention); –          The incredibly high […]

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What do Todd Akin and Egyptian Street Thugs Have in Common?

As I was walking home today a group of teenage boys passed by. “Oh baby, I love you!” “Blondie, you got it goin’ on!” “AAOOW–I need to be your workout partner!” Etcetera. Eliciting catcalls at my age feels remarkably different than it did at sixteen. Today, I decided to accept this bullying as an unwelcome compliment–take that […]

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Surviving Rape: What I Want Other College Students to Know About Title IX

Title IX is a federal law best known for transforming women’s athletics. But Title IX covers much more than sports: it also protects victims of bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault; pregnant and parenting students; and women studying science, technology, engineering, and math. Last month, Title IX turned 40. This is my Title IX story. After-rape […]

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Turning “Ifs” into “Whens”: College Students Like Me Need Reauthorization of a Full VAWA

I dream of a day when men on college campuses no longer rape with impunity. If that day comes, my safety and well-being will be valued more than my laptop’s.  Students found responsible for sexual assault will receive more than slaps on the wrist. If that day comes, the rape of an intoxicated woman, or a girlfriend, or […]

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