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Challenging the “Norms” of Access & Culture: The Fem2 Friday Rewind 1.9.-1.15 2016

Welcome to the Rewind, your fast facts in feminist news for January 9-15, 2016. INTERNSHIP OPP: Our founding organization, turner4D, is seeking a paid intern! Are you a feminist? Do you love the news? Are you pro-choice? Do you love Fem2?  Want to be part of this incredible team?  This could be the job for you! […]

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Debating Problematic Societal Reactions to Cancer, Gender-Based Violence & Sexism: Let’s Rewind

Let’s Rewind, shall we?  This week we’re covering the distasteful sexualization of breast cancer awareness, sexism in politics, the first democratic debate (and what was missing), and reminding people this Domestic Violence Awareness Month that hurting is NEVER flirting. Welcome to the Rewind: October 10-16, 2015. #NOBRADAY? NO THANKS:  #NoBraDay was trending on Tuesday under the […]

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Democratic Debate Shows Rare Glimpse of Rumored Political Unicorn

The Tuesday night Democratic debate was nothing short of a political miracle. Five authentic presidential candidates took to the stage and wowed nearly 15 million viewers with their intelligence and honest solutions for the country. This level of fact-based, respectful political dialogue hasn’t been seen since…well…maybe 2008? I assume Republican pundits missed the debate due […]

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Republicans Admit to Abusing Congressional Power to Derail Clinton’s Presidential Campaign

The Special Committee on Benghazi, tasked with investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, accidentally had a vital secret exposed by the politically ambitious Republican, Kevin McCarthy. Last week, McCarthy exposed the deviant truth of the committee’s purpose: disrupt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by attacking her personal integrity.  The committee is headed by Republican Chairman, […]

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Clinton Follows in 143-Year-Old Footsteps with Bid to Be First Woman President

Hillary Clinton has officially announced her bid for President of the United States of America and thus she begins a second historic campaign. Clinton has already had a go at breaking the proverbial glass ceiling – the high profile campaign of 2008 made history for several reasons: she won more delegates and primaries than any other […]

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The Lasting Legacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said her final goodbyes to her employees of the State Department. As she left and gave her final waves before the cameras, she closed the door, on what was nothing short of an extraordinary 20 years in public service. As Secretary of State, Clinton achieved many things not […]

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Women in the World Summit 2012

On Saturday, March 10, the final morning of the Women in the World Third Annual Summit, The New York Times featured a four-column photo of Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary Fund with Chancellor Angela Merkel. The title was, “German Leader and I.M.F. Chief Split Over Debt.” Lagarde had been in Manhattan the previous […]

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You Should Run

Last night I was reminded of an issue I’ve written about here a few times.  At WIN’s Women Opening Doors for Women event the keynote speech, given by Sam Bennett, president of the Women’s Campaign Fund focused on women candidates.  She not only asked that we all ask women we know to run, and nominate […]

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The Value of Equal Pay Day for Men

Every time I bring up Equal Pay Day (or Unequal Pay Day as I prefer to think of it), some idiot (usually an unenlightened man) lectures me about women’s choices.  Women choose careers that allow them to be with their kids more, so of course they get paid less overall, as a group. Now, let’s […]

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Politics 2.0 and Women Candidates

If the 2008 election showed women one thing, it’s "yes we can." Hillary Clinton’s dynamic run for the presidency has forever opened doors for women seeking higher office. But there’s still much to be done. Even after all of our years of progress, we still gained very little in Congress this year and, in government […]

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