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We Must Keep Fighting: Post World AIDS Day

I was born in 1989, while the AIDS epidemic in the US was in full force.  I’ve never lived in a world where learning about HIV/AIDS wasn’t a part of my school health classes.  I know that I’m lucky to have been taught an unbigoted view of how HIV/AIDS could happen to anyone, no matter […]

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Inviolata Mmbwavi: Kenyan Feminist HIV+ Parliament Candidate

Inviolata Mmbwavi carries a tattered copy of the Kenyan constitution with her.  “It is my weapon,” she tells me.  “When someone says something that isn’t right under the law, I pull open my copy!” The constitution is fragile and new.  Written in 2010, it has yet to be fully implemented in Kenya.  Based in part […]

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An AIDS-Free Generation Begins With Women

Last week the Supreme Court declared that Obamacare was constitutional and this was a huge victory for women’s health.  Once Obamacare goes into effect health insurance companies won’t charge women more money and birth control will be covered.  But the fight for women’s health does not end here, as other health issues affecting women need […]

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