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All We Want in 2016 is Equality in Hollywood

There have been rumblings about Hollywood’s neglect of women and Persons of Color (here on referred to as “POCs”) for quite some time, slowly getting louder until reaching a pivotal point when the Oscar nominations were very… whitewashed, and lacking of some curves, to say the least. Some have claimed conspiracy, others believe the actors […]

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Why you should be happy about the Veronica Mars movie, even if you don’t like Veronica Mars

Unless you’ve been living in a far-flung locale off the grid, it would be hard to miss the hullabaloo about the Veronica Mars movie, which debuted in limited release and video-on-demand on March 14. Whether you’re on Team Reboot or Team I-DON’T-CARE-PLEASE-SHUT-UP-ALREADY, there is no denying that the record-breaking fan-funding that breathed life back into […]

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Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery and Hollywood

Did you know that breast augmentation is the ultimate "women’s issue"? Implants can critically damage women’s health and personal finances. They are for sale based on questionable safety studies paid for by multi-million-dollar, male-dominated industry. They target the ultimate symbol of our femininity, our breasts. Read all about it in this award-winning Glamour magazine article. […]

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