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Women’s Voices in Social Media: Challenges, opportunities and legislation.

I recently spoke at a Conference on Women’s Voices in Social Media, hosted by KWIC and the Canadian Federation for University Women at Trent University in Peterborough. It was a lively and important discussion, and I was able to sit on a panel with brilliant speakers who touched on many aspects of the challenges and […]

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India: Board the Bus for Women’s safety this week!

In Delhi, India, this week the global human rights organization Breakthrough launched a Board the Bus campaign, which runs through March 8, International Women’s Day. They want women to know that they have the right to occupy public places and suggest that having more women in public places can help reduce harassment. “We’re calling on women who don’t […]

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For International Women’s Day Fox News Broadcasted…Breasts!

Some things you just have to laugh at, because, really… I realize that I should not be surprised by this, but even the Fox News anchor haltingly continued her broadcast as the pictures appeared on the screen. As she said words like “Women’s History Month,” “women’s accomplishments in Connecticut,” “Young Women’s Leadership Program,” a constant […]

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On International Women’s Day, a Woman’s Pleasure

Today was International Women’s Day. There were articles written by thoughtful well-meaning women and smart indomitable women, coming together to welcome our progress and caution about the obstacles yet to conquer. I couldn’t help but feel pre-emptively weary of reading these articles. These last few months have been such a scathing beating of American women […]

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Victims or Agents? Carla Koppell on the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

Anybody who pays even the slightest attention to the world around them has a right to sometimes be a little confused about the lives women lead.  In America, we see news about women earning more Bachelor’s degrees than men while simultaneously being bombarded with words and images that portray women as mindless sex objects.  Internationally, […]

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Come Together for International Women’s Day

In the 21st century, you would think the data about women’s circumstances worldwide have improved.  But current data still paints a very dismal picture. Women are still 70% of the world’s poor, they are still 75% of the civilians killed in war (along with their children), and still receive only 10% of global income for […]

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